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Gender Equality Essay

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Men and women are indeed equal. When discussing the controversial topic of gender equality we would do well to understand each other before making our decision on gender superiority. Why is it that many believe women are inferior to men? Why is it so many believe men should work while the women stay at home with the children?One of the main reasons is tradition. A vast majority of us have simply been raised to believe men work while women stay home to care for the home and family. Men should get educated for the specific purpose of going out into the world to make their family fortune, and women should stay inside with the kids; why is that? We've been raised to believe men do the working. Even now in the new millennium if you hear of a man taking the role as homemaker and the wife earning the salary we may unconsciously critique them. For some unknown reason we just consider that to be wrong. We have made great strides to correct our earlier beliefs that women are incapable ...view middle of the document...

As funny as it sounds mothers around the country would nod their heads in agreement at that statement. Simply put women may just be able to handle stress better; therefore; are being forced into the role of housewife as their superior counterparts would more likely crumble under the task. Just because women may be better suited at home than men does not mean they are best suited at home.As we well know women are completely capable of attaining the same level of intelligence and education as their male counterparts. Though women may not be able to carry hundred pound bricks of concrete on their backs all day; men are generally equally incapable of bearing the responsibilities of child raising. Another reason and possibly the most accurate reason is instinct. After nine months of child bearing then painful delivery it's not surprising that women would have such a strong bond to their children; they just don't trust anyone else to do the child raising. In effect its only natural they would feel more inclined to be a greater part of their childs developmental process.To move from the subject of home and work performance lets talk about mental comparison. Most men would have trouble remembering what they ate for dinner last night while a woman might remember the birth dates of every person they've ever met.Women tend to pay much more attention to detail, as men tend to not pay much attention to the little things. Throughout the life course a typical man might master one or two special highly developed skills learned through strict direction, and a woman may be able to complete any task with less direction but with more unconventional methods. Actually it's surprising to see so few women in leadership positions, as they tend to be such good problem solvers. Men are blunt, strong, and merciless, while women are creative, gentle, and forgiving. All the greatest love poems boast of how it takes one of each gender to form a complete creation. Somewhat like a puzzle; each piece possessing what the other is lacking. Only by utilizing each other's strong points can a perfect harmony be achieved. Each has strengths and weaknesses the other does not, and by fitting those strengths and weaknesses together you complete the balance and finish the puzzle.

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