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Gender Inequality In today's society people are more and more trying to achieve more, higher positions on the work place, to double income, to enroll to the schools. It's all about competition in today's society, all about better living standards with new technologies, new treats for diseases, yet we still have such issue as gender inequality. I'm with my group students examined this issue and tried to find out what people have done and do now in order to blow this assumption away.Many analysts of gender attribute gender differences to the fact that girls and boys are raised differently and thus develop different personalities. Either they are consciously taught different things or they h ...view middle of the document...

The book recommends that people violate gender rules to the point of entering a state of "gender vertigo" (Robert Connell's term), which will make it possible to construct a more equal society. Although the book's focus is on gender, the theory can also apply to other structures of inequality to which gender is connected.The book attempts to integrate three different theoretical traditions in the study of gender.The first tradition studies "gendered selves" as products of biological development and socialization; it includes sociobiological theories of how sex differences may have evolved through natural selection, biosocial theories of how biological predispositions interact with environmental influences, social learning theories of how behavior is shaped by gender-differentiated reinforcement, and psychoanalytic theories of how children experience their early family environments (especially the experience of being nurtured by a woman). The weaknesses of these theories is that they expect too much continuity in individual behavior regardless of later circumstances, they portray people as "over socialized," and they stress gender inequality by seeing behavior as conformity to internalized norms rather than to economic and political conditions.( p.182) The second tradition shifts the focus from personality to social structure. Females and males act differently because they occupy different positions in organizations and groups.Gender Inequality But they are placed in those different positions so routinely that people easily mistake the resulting behavioral differences for personality differences. Sex differences, in Epstein's words, are "deceptive distinctions." Author has argued that men and women would act the same if they were placed in the same organizational positions that men can nurture children if called upon to do so. A problem with this approach is that gender remains an important predictor of behavior even after other structural variables have been taken into account.The third tradition originated with West and Zimmerman's concept of "doing gender," which sees gender as "not what we are but something that we do" (p. 83). People place one another in gender categories and interact on the assumption that others will conform to gender expectations. Since the categories are stratified, doing gender legitimates inequality. The strength of this perspective is its focus on interaction, but its weakness is overlooking gender at other levels of reality, institutional and individual.Gender is itself a social structure, and one that operates at every level, individual, interactional and institutional. By continually creating gender difference at all these levels, people perpetuate gender inequality. At the institutional level, for example, gender affects ...


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637 words - 3 pages roles are not universal (Lecture 10). In some societies, the gender traits are reversed by sex where men show feminine traits, woman show masculine traits, both men and woman show feminine traits, or both show masculine traits (Lecture 10). Although gender roles are not universal, they still exist and a large part of the gender roles are unequal in society, where male dominance is the rule. Gender inequality, the norms and expectations that

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1613 words - 7 pages Thompson 1 Kaelyn Thompson Professor Romenesko Women and Gender Studies 13 April 2018 Gender Inequality Root Causes Throughout American history, women have been subjected to intense discrimination stemming from dependence on their husbands and lack of legal protection. For a long time, women were also thought to be intellectually inferior to their male counterparts. Over the years, the American society has made significant strides in recognizing

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787 words - 4 pages declared to be overall equal to men with only some variance. All in all, women are only inferior in ancient, prehistoric societies that, but today, we are still recovering from this gender inequality. We should not really care what ancient, primitive, and uneducated people thought in the past when we are now living in the present with modern science to prove them wrong. For instance, Women’s contribution to Somaliland’s success and progress even

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728 words - 3 pages view men and women today. For example, in superheroes movies, from recent studies, we have noticed that the media is consciously or not, spreading words concerning gender inequality between males and females in this society. First, women are underrepresented, and hyper-sexualized. Talking about sexuality, we are seeing on television, magazines women half naked, pretending to be helpless, or in need of something, and men around the model or actor

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1593 words - 7 pages wil assignment 1 FOURTH YEAR ENGLISH METHODOLOGY SURNAME & INITIALS: TWALA NP STUDENT NUMBER: 216063225 LECTURER: DR ROBINSON DUE DATE: 25 APRIL 2019 You will be required to write a report that should not exceed two pages on how the topic of grammar is presented in class. Note that this report should not be only descriptive; you are required to critique how the class is presented. In what way could it be improved? What elements of the class made

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422 words - 2 pages They took care of you since birth ,they raised you to be who you are to day and you still say they are incapable ? good afternoon ladies and gentleman do you think power relations between women and men in our society are equal? Wel I don’t We go around preaching that men and women have equal rights but I don’t think so insteed I feel that the the women in our society are being treated unfairly compred to the men and this happens every where

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2180 words - 9 pages Gender inequality has been a major social phenomenon for a very long time. The discrimination of men and women exits almost in every corner of the world. Questions regarding the cause of the phenomenon remains controversial and uncertain. Does the situation emerge from religious practices or was it a result due to the difference of physical strength passed down from the history during the cavemen era (eNotes, 2018). When men dominated the

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482 words - 2 pages were biased. In fact, the line between men and women, and the persuadability of each, is quite marginal. The lines are becoming more and more blurred with each and every step we all take. Just as social inequality has come leaps and bounds since the 1960's, gender inequality is making similar strides.

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429 words - 2 pages Shakespeare’s Othello was composed in the 15th century whereas Geoffrey Sax’s film adaptation of Othello is set out in the 21st century. Although the two narrations are centuries apart, Sax could successfully sculpt and exemplify the themes of gender inequality and racism to suit the modern audience. Gender discrimination was very vivid in Shakespeare’s play. Desdemona was getting married to Othello without her father’s consent and Iago

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474 words - 2 pages Free . Key Quotes · According to this work, gender is not a unitary process. Rather, it is splintered by overlapping layers of inequality into multiple forms of masculinities (and femininities) that are both internally and externally relational and hierarchical · Hegemonic masculinity is centred on men’s global domination of women, and because there is no configuration of femininity organized around women’s domination of men Reflect and Respond I

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1024 words - 5 pages Free Gender Inequality in a Midsummer Night’s Dream Gender inequality is effectively explored through Shakespeare’s use of comedy because it is conveyed and challenged from the start to the end of the play. In a Midsummer Night’s Dream, Shakespeare uses comedy to effectively enhance and explore gender inequality in the beginning of the play to bring forward different opinions and unknown ideas without being considered offensive. He does this by using

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1547 words - 7 pages Free board or leadership positions. This problem of gender inequality has been ongoing for a long time. Despite measures taken to ensure gender equality, egregious gender inequality still exists globally. Within the field of politics in Singapore, there are only two females in a cabinet of 21 people. Additionally, female representation in leadership positions in businesses is also an issue. In 25% of the businesses, there are no women in the senior

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797 words - 4 pages We cannot depend on mankind to put an end to war for us. We can put an end war ourselves. Do you think mankind can put an end to war? Do you think war is guns and bombs? The concept of war has been challenged by people nowadays. It doesn't have to WW1 or WW2 or WW3. War can be any form of social conflict (x). Issues such as gender inequality, racism and the exploitation of our natural environment are considered to be war. For so long mankind

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1012 words - 5 pages that while both race and class are a way of classifying people, race is a difference that is horizontal while class is a difference that is vertical involving rankings. Concept of class is similar to that of inequality; they are both avoidable “hierarchical differences” (Therborn, 2009). Race, like difference, is something we cannot change, something we are born into that is impossible to change unlike our first name. In the following essay I will

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2386 words - 10 pages sociology that is subject to much debate. It exists in many different forms in society, for instance people may be separated into different social groups based on race, gender, age, and class. Karl Marx and Max Weber are two sociologists who are still relevant when attempting to explain inequality in contemporary society. They proposed theories to explain how and why society was divided the way that it was, both with a focus on capitalism and