Gender Inequality In Our Society Between Men And Women Grade11 Speech

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They took care of you since birth ,they raised you to be who you are to day and you still say they are incapable ? good afternoon ladies and gentleman do you think power relations between women and men in our society are equal? Wel I don’t
We go around preaching that men and women have equal rights but I don’t think so insteed I feel that the the women in our society are being treated unfairly compred to the men and this happens every where from our very own house holds to placing of work .
in our society men are regarded as the head of the family,for example take the sory of ………… see wht I mean men are regarded as the bossesss and what about the women well… they are expected to act like servants cooking cleaning and obing what the men says , now the question I often ask my self is why ?, why are women expected to do this thigs for us as men,cant we do them for our slves ? the answer to this is yes we can are just lazy.
Most the time men are the the ones who are expected hold top leadership positions not because they are qualified but beca...


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787 words - 4 pages declared to be overall equal to men with only some variance. All in all, women are only inferior in ancient, prehistoric societies that, but today, we are still recovering from this gender inequality. We should not really care what ancient, primitive, and uneducated people thought in the past when we are now living in the present with modern science to prove them wrong. For instance, Women’s contribution to Somaliland’s success and progress even

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728 words - 3 pages view men and women today. For example, in superheroes movies, from recent studies, we have noticed that the media is consciously or not, spreading words concerning gender inequality between males and females in this society. First, women are underrepresented, and hyper-sexualized. Talking about sexuality, we are seeing on television, magazines women half naked, pretending to be helpless, or in need of something, and men around the model or actor

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1613 words - 7 pages Thompson 1 Kaelyn Thompson Professor Romenesko Women and Gender Studies 13 April 2018 Gender Inequality Root Causes Throughout American history, women have been subjected to intense discrimination stemming from dependence on their husbands and lack of legal protection. For a long time, women were also thought to be intellectually inferior to their male counterparts. Over the years, the American society has made significant strides in recognizing

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3238 words - 13 pages The research on language and gender has been essential in providing answers regarding the sociolinguistic variation associated with speaker's gender. One of the main topics widely discussed in gender and language research is concerning the difference in language between men and women. This assignment is an attempt to answer the question: Do women and men talk differently? I will thoroughly investigate the question looking at the evidence which

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2180 words - 9 pages Gender inequality has been a major social phenomenon for a very long time. The discrimination of men and women exits almost in every corner of the world. Questions regarding the cause of the phenomenon remains controversial and uncertain. Does the situation emerge from religious practices or was it a result due to the difference of physical strength passed down from the history during the cavemen era (eNotes, 2018). When men dominated the

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1169 words - 5 pages Inferences Between Men and WomenAlthough most people are aware that women are just as capable of doing anything a man can do, there are still many people that infer otherwise. Some people still have the mind set that women are meant to stay home and cook, clean, raise the kids, and run the errands. That may have been the way things went in the late 40's and early 50's, but times have dramatically changed in the last half-century. In most

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1593 words - 7 pages . 13. vivacious-lively. 14. swindle-deceive. 15. prudent-careful. Answers for 11-15 may vary. Similes and Metaphors (figures of speech) Punctuation (writing titles) ANSWERS: Note: Underlining may be substituted for italics. 1. The Wall Street Journal. 2. The Secret Garden. 3. "The Ransom of Red Chief." 4. "Man in the Moon." 5. Indian Princess. 6. "Ancestors." 7. Sports Illustrated, Good Housekeeping. 8. Porgy and Bess. Onomatopoeia (using

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688 words - 3 pages taken at a closer look, it is more common for a famous person to marry a famous person and for a materialistic woman to marry a rich man. Although our society advocates the opposite, there is a faint social class that that shadows people’s relationships. Therefore, there are aspects in Gatsby’s society people may not see in ours but if more closely examined, is still there. In conclusion, there are many social similarities between the society of

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411 words - 2 pages Men and women are different. These differences promote problems and misunderstandings between the genders. Men and women both need to understand gender differences. The differences between males and females can be overcome by gender understanding, rather than Descriptions of male and female characteristics are generalizations. "One size" does not fit all! The problem with labels is that all men are not one way while all women are another way

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1138 words - 5 pages Free there is indeed an economic, and social inequality when it comes to how woman are treated, but porn doesn’t play a role in this. There are many different categories of pornography that depict men in the same positions of sexually deviancy that women are typically in. There are dominatrix and gay porn categories that use men in the same way as “sexual objects” that receives so much backlash when its women being portrayed that way. “… empirical studies

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2068 words - 9 pages corruption of morals is shown through the actions of the different characters in the play. For example Birdboot has no belief is the marriage system, is not faithful to his wife and he is in denial about his unfaithfulness. Simon has affairs with 2 women at the same time and does not care about Felicity's feelings at all. The characters do not actually act in accordance with their morals and ethics and this shows the minimal importance society

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1707 words - 7 pages superior sex. Should this mean that women are of less significance in our society? Gender inequality can often be measured in the distribution of a society’s wealth, power and privilege. Although women have gained more respect and have established a new sense of power, they are still in many spheres valued less than men. In the story of Sophocles’ Antigone, a classic Greek play, Antigone’s character is based on the inequalities women have always faced

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1085 words - 5 pages and how they are just treated as second characters or characters with no value. But, in the article Lindsey Clay believes that the representation of women in advertising has shifted considerably: "At a time when gender balance is the subject of many a debate in the media, in business and more recently in government, we feel it’s important to look at the evolution of the female role model in advertising and how this feeds into our day to day

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1657 words - 7 pages Free and women now? Does it really differ so much? It is necessary to look at this issue closer and deeper in order to answer the question and to understand the aspects of gender differences and similarities in the usage of language.Attitudes to roles of men and women are mostly formed by the society. This process usually enables our unconsciousness - we follow the 'rules' created by the 'crowd', assimilating them as doubtless, and only some people

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1289 words - 6 pages Free Through out the stages of a relationship, from the initial meeting up through married years men and women never stop lying to and deceiving each other. Though society likes to make us believe that the majority of this lying is done by men, and studies have even proven this to be true. The facts are that these studies can be questioned and proved to be biased and untrue. Another thing is that by looking at the stages of a relationship from the