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You will be required to write a report that should not exceed two pages on how the topic of grammar is presented in class. Note that this report should not be only descriptive; you are required to critique how the class is presented. In what way could it be improved? What elements of the class made sense, and were valuable? (These are not the only questions of value – think of others, if needed).
It is no secret that teaching high school grammar is not the easiest task. Sure, there are the few select students who live for adverbs and conjunctions, but the rest of the students are simply taking a grammar class to meet the requirements for graduation. For this reason, teaching high school grammar is particularly challenging.
If grammar teachers simply try to teach grammar rules in a boring, traditional way, chances are the students will zone out. Instead of finishing the class being excellent writers, they will barely pass and poor grammar will haunt them into the future. Luckily, teaching high school grammar does not have to be boring. Here are five simple ways that high school grammar teachers can engage their students, and help them to retain the information as they enter the outside world.
Get the students “involved”
Learning sentence structure and word use with boring textbook examples is just that, boring. Instead, teachers should use real-life examples to draw the students in. Use the students’ actual names and pair them with objects around the classroom. It is also a good idea to bring in popular local hangouts to get the students even more involved. For example, instead of “Tom and Jill went to the park to play.” use “Morgan and Olivia went to Herfy’s Burgers to get lunch.” It can also help for a teacher to point out real-life situations in which the students will need the grammar skills they are learning, like on a job resume or project proposal.
Humor helps
Another way to make grammar lessons more entertaining is to make them humorous. A teacher can do this by using jokes for examples or by creating a funny story about someone the students know, such as the school principal. When students are laughing, they are paying attention.
Teach in color
Identifying the parts of a sentence simply by labeling them is very tedious. Instead, create a color code for the students to use. For example, they can label all of the nouns red, the verbs green and the adjectives blue. Of course, this is just using basic sentence parts, but the concept can be integrated into any advanced grammar lesson. By color coding the sentences, teachers are not only making the lesson more fun, they are also helping the visual learners in the classroom.
Make it a contest
Most people are competitive by nature, especially high school students. Teachers should take advantage of this trait by creating games that help the stude...


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