Gender Inequality. The Assignment Was To Discuss About Women And Men Role. Ccbc Assignment

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Think about popular television programs, movies and other entertainment media on the air right now.  Who do the women in these programs look like?  What do the men look like?  What kinds of messages do you think the media is sending about men and women in our society?
The world we are living in, is very influenced by the media. People use media in their everyday lives; mostly for entertainment and pleasure, information, communication, and the list goes on… Modern media comes in many different forms: television, movies, cell phones; not forgetting the internet; we also have print media which include books, and magazines. Although, we are all know why modern media is important, and its role in the society; unfortunately, the influence of the media might has risen social problems such as, gender discrimination, bullying, stereotyping.
Television and social media are the most form of media used universally; which means that, most viewers in the world have the ability to choose, watch and support any shows that would like to see through the media. Acknowledging that the media, specially televisions through their programs, and social network have a significant influence in people lives, behaviors and habits. Raising the problem about gender discrimination; the media is one of the most powerful resource of creating biases, on how we view men and women today. For example, in superheroes movies, from recent studies, we have noticed that the media is consciously or not, spreading words concerning gender inequality between males and females in this society. First, women are underrepresented, and hyper-sexualized. Talking about sexuality, we are seeing on television, magazines women half naked, pretending to be helpless, or in need of something, and men around the model or actor holding her strongly like he is her protector. Basically, the media is supporting the idea that woman major role is more likely to search for romance, and attention. Hence, women tend to have the insignificant helpless maiden roles to represent. As I said above, women are underrepresented; the way the media is valorizing women I think isn’t appropriate and real. From that “perfect sexy attire” or either...

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