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Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric
Shelley Isbell
Texas Tech University – Gender & Communication COMS-3334-D01
Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric
Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric. Produced by Katie Couric Media, World of Wonder Productions and National Geographic Studios for National Geographic. For Katie Couric Media, executive producers are Katie Couric and Mitch Semel.
Background Information
Katie Couric produced the two-hour documentary to enlighten others about the rapidly evolving complexity of gender identity as well as to help educators and parents better understand and discuss the meaning of gender. Her project ties in with the release of National Geographic’s special issue in January 2017 named Gender Revolution which focuses on gender identity on a national level. National Geographic has also provided the video and magazine as a professional development option called Gender Revolution and the classroom “encouraging students to engage in thoughtful conversations around gender and identity.” (National Geographic Society, n.d.) National Geographic provides a website that includes additional recourses to encourage educators to promote cultural competencies being in the know of all cultures, developing respect, and learning the skills to collaborate and communicate effectively in this world of diversity.
I truly enjoyed this documentary, and it gave me a much broader perspective of the incredible variety of gender identities in our society and around the world. The American culture has changed enormously over the last few years, and it is past time for everyone to embrace the broad spectrum of our culture. The documentary introduces us to terminology as it relates to sexuality and gender; it also explores the history and current status of gender in America. The very basics described at the beginning of the documentary such as blue is for boys and pink is for girls. Boys play with trucks and football, and girls play house and with dolls. Even the “proper” way men and women are supposed to sit is described. The Gender Revolution explains the difference between gender and sex, that your genitalia does not dictate your sexual orientation or your gender. As stated in the documentary “Gender is whom you go to bed as, and sexual orientation is whom you go to bed with.” (Couric, 2018) Gender expression is the way we express yourselves to the world. Katie Couric met with doctors and scientist to explain even in the womb the biological beginning of a human embryo and the development of the gonads of the fetus remain undifferentiated. All fetal genitalia are the same and are phenotypically female. The amount of testosterone introduced at about 9weeks is what develops the reproductive tract and development of the brain and genitalia which in turn plays a part in gender identity.
With the advancement in gender studies, this documentary proves that gender...


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