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Jessica Thompson
Ms. Jessica Trull
CJ 304
February 26, 2019
Through the Eyes of a Woman
For thousands of years women have had to live in a male driven world. Women were always labeled as kind, nurturing, and generous when it comes to others. A woman’s sole responsibility was to stay at home and take care of her husband and family, but over time women have decided to become more independent and self-proficient. In the 20th and 21st centuries, women made incredible advances and broke out from traditional roles that society had places on the female population. As several waves of feminism came through the United State so did the reality that the criminal justice system would have to look at females as offenders as well as victims. Gender inequality is to blame on the way women are looked at in society as well as through the criminal justice system. One specific issue that society views differently is college campus stalking. As we examine college campus stalking closer we see how gender is viewed differently in crime, why women fail to count on the courts when it comes to stalking, and how through the traditional theory of victimization differ from the modern feministic perspectives.
The first things to examine closer is how there are gender differences when it comes to committing a crime such as college stalking. It seems that gender it very important when it comes to dealing with victimization with violent crimes, but less important when a certain gender is making someone fearful. The law states that it doesn’t discriminate between men and women, but some studies have shown that men are looked at differently then women when it comes to criminal acts like college stalking. According to the Women, Gender, and Crime textbook college stalking is very gender based because it depends on the gender of the victim and offender, as well as their relationship to each other. Society seems to view college stalking as a minor event and in some states not even considered a crime. Based on gender differences through observations of social lifestyles usually women are more likely to be the victims when it comes to college stalking. According to “a meta-analysis of 22 studies of stalking found that female victims made up 74.59% of stalking victims, while 82.15% of the perpetrators were male” (157). This analysis can help show how there is a gender-based difference when it come to college stalking and has society views crime.
The second thing that society needs to look at is why women fail to rely on the court system for help when it comes to college stalking. The seriousness of the crime on college stalking cannot be expressed to society enough. According to The National Violence Against Women Survey found that when if comes to stalking in general that over eight million women have been stalked at some point in their life. Yet, many women “do not report their experiences of being stalking to law enforcement, because they fear that a report w...


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