Generation Speech About Learning Languages And The Benefits For High School Students Generation Speech Research Paper

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Oliver 1
English 10-6
10 December 2017
Reinventing The Way You Think About Learning a Language
School- the start to every sad story. Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad waste of our lives, filled with days of finding excuses of why you didn’t do last night’s English paper. The last thing any teenager wants to worry about is becoming fluent in another language- most of us anyways. The consecutive two year bare minimum seems like too much to the average high school student, but is it? The growth of Spanish alone in the United is enough to persuade even the most lethargic of students. With over 62 million Spanish speaking Americans, the impending demand to learn Spanish is inevitable.
You’re probably just thinking this speech is a bunch of last minute mumble-jumble, and not to lie, it mostly is. But, the facts are just plain indisputable. Spanish is the largest unofficial language spoken in the United States, making the United States the second largest Spanish speaking nation. By 2050, it is predicted 132.8 million Americans will speak Spanish as their native language. But why would you care? It’s not like becoming bilingual will effect YOU in any way. Who am I to tell you different but…. every verified study on bilingual citizens in the work place has resulted in more success then those who are limited to English alone. This is because of many reasons in many different fields; majorly business because South and Latin America are the United States’ largest trading partners outside of Asia, leading to large cooperations to put people with language in higher positions because their skills are more vast. But who ACTUALLY cares about that, it’s not like when we reach the age of entering the work force will other people be chosen over you even though you went to the same colleges, got the same grades, and you maybe even know more about the position because they took the time to go beyond the 2 year minimum, because that doesn’t actually happen.. at least not to you of course. But of course, you also didn’t think about in 10 years Spanish will have grown almost 30% within the US alone. Globally, from 2000-2015 Spanish grew 1,312.4%. But we don’t have to worry about careers right now.
But hey, we’re teens. We’re conceded, up to absolutely nothing productive- unless sleeping counts as a productive hobby- and just plain lazy. So what if I told you there’s a lazy way out of doing the whole adult thing. Learning a romance language- including Spanish, French, and Italian- has been proven to improve mental functionality and memory. Spanish- one of the easiest languages to learn for a nat...


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