Genetically Modified Food And Organisms Disadvantages - Eastside High School/ap Language And Composition - Research Paper

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Anna McGowan
Rachel Estell
AP Language and Composition: 3rd period
16 January 2019
Genetically modified foods research essay
Intro/thesis paragraph
According to Jae-Hwan Han and R. Wes Harrison , “ Genetically modified foods and
organisms (GMOs) are produced using scientific technologies that involve taking genes
from one species and inserting them in another to transfer a desired trait or characteristic.”
(Jae-Hwan Han and R. Wes Harrison, 2007) Europe, India, and southern Africa have joined
the anti-GMO movement; it is time for the United States to join the movement.
Genetically modified foods and organisms should be prohibited in the United States
because of negative health effects, negative effects on the environment, and questionable ethics
of biotechnology.
Body paragraph 1
Genetically modified foods and organisms should be prohibited in the United States
because of negative health effects. According to Dr. Sheldon Krimsky, professor of
Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning at Tufts University, “Many scientific data
indicate that animals that have been fed by GM crops have been harmed or even died. Rats
exposed to transgenic potatoes or soya had abnormal sperm. Cows, goats, buffalo, pigs, and
other livestock grazing on Bt-maize, GM cottonseed, and certain biotech corn showed
complications including early deliveries, abortions, infertility, and also many died.
(Krimsky, 2015) Genetically modified crops have caused extreme negative health effects on
animals. If these negative health effects occur when animals eat genetically modified foods,
imagine the long-term health effects that occur when humans eat genetically modified foods.
Humans and animals should not consume genetically modified food; genetically modified food
should be prohibited in the United States because the health effects are too detrimental to one’s
health. Genetically modified foods and organisms cause allergenic risks. According to Dr. Ian
Sheldon, a professor and Anderson’s Chair of Agricultural Marketing, Trade and Policy,” From
the standpoint of food safety, various regulatory efforts have not calmed concerns that the
transfer of genes will also transfer allergenic risks to foods that never previously had that
potential. This issue received much media coverage in 2000 and 2001 following an
announcement that taco shells marketed by Kraft Foods in the United States under the Taco Bell
brand name were found to contain a variety of GM corn, StarLink, not yet approved for human
consumption by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency due to concerns over potential
allergic reactions. The overriding feeling of EU consumers is that they will see little benefit
from GM foods but will bear great risks.” (Sheldon, 2007) Genetically modified foods have
possible allergenic risks and can possibly cause allergy attacks. Consumers may not be aware of
the allergenic risks and it could cause an unexpected allergy attack. Genetically modified foods
and organisms sho...

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