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Challenges of Changing Population News Article Collection
Population is important to a country’s economy. Low birth rates and aging populations spell disaster for rich nations.Changes in population patterns over time are important because of some of these reasons, low and aging population and dependency loads, but mostly this has to do with the aging population. It has to do with the aging population because especially in Canada the population of people sixty and older are now larger than the number of children under fifthteen. This is due to the “Baby Boomers” (1946- 1964), their generation is getting older and wants to retire. This also affects immigration, internal migration, global and poverty.
Canada’s population changes in population patterns over time critically important because there are more people who are 65 and older than kids under 15. Last year Canada’s population only increased by 0.9 %, that’s the smallest annual increase in 17 years ! Much of growth came in the form of people coming from other countries, as migration accounted for 60.8 percent of the population growth. Due to Canada’s aging population there are some costs and benefits. As for costs, it costs Canada’s government to build housing for the aging population. Also it is expected to have a major impact on the health-care costs by reducing the overall concern of disability and chronic disease. That means higher taxes for people and cutbacks on jobs. But there are benefits to Canada’s aging population such as, it creates more jobs and can have low crime rate. Canada’s aging population could create more jobs because they can hire more nurses and caregivers to take care for the elderly and can hire health and exercise experts in retirement homes. The lists can go on into caretakers, food nutrition, and more.
Immigration is the migration of an individual into a place. Immigrants changes in population patterns over time critically important because they can save a country’s declining population. There are two types of factors that influence such a decision to move to a country, push and pull factors. Push factors these could be fairly trivial, such as the weather. They could also be serious-threat of war, poor environmental conditions, and many more. Pull factors could include economic, educational opportunities, and political stability. Also relatives and family could another pull factor. Canada’s immigration in 1900-1920 only accepted countries that in Europe and the U.S. In 1965 Canada started to open up to Asia and other countries. In 2012 Canada accepted more Asian countries. Overall, Canada’s immigrant population as a proportion of the general population has steadily risen as successive governments have looked to plug the demographic gap by attracting high-calibre foreigners. Canada also has high standards for immigrants and goes through a point system. They do this so that the immigrants have something to contribute to Canada and its economy.
Intermigration is migration within the province and intra migration is the permanent movement within one region of a country. Intermigration in Canada’s provinces and territories could become increasingly different in the decades ahead, because of changing demographic trends. Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta had the strongest average population growth of all provinces during this period, for the first time since 1971. While Alberta has had the strongest population growth in nearly all years since 1997, the recent growth in Saskatchewan stands in sharp contrast to the period from 1997 to 2005, when the province was losing population. According to Statistics Canada's most recent population projections (and if recent demographic trends continue), the population share of the Prairie provinces could surpass Quebec's in less than 50 years, and the population share of the four Atlantic provinces could decrease to less than 5% of Canada's population. This due to oil sands in the prairies, which attracts job opportunities. In the future the prairies could be as popular as Toronto due to its job opportunities and future real estate and it’s growing as we speak.
There are 7 billion people in world, with the world confronting a host of major crises relating to climate, energy, severe poverty, food, the global economy and political instability. Why is the critically important ? This is important because we don't know if our planet can handle 8 or more billion people in the world. A large scale population passage mask large regional variations. While almost all regions are projected to grow by at least 10 percent over the next 15 years, Africa will account for more than 40 per cent of the global increase in population, while Europe can expect a slight decrease in population. An increasing number of births rate particularly significant challenges for low-income countries where poverty and malnutrition rates are already high, levels of education low, healthcare systems are weak and where the rates of infant and a child’s death are high. In addition, two billion children will turn age 5 and will require access to education. This is facts are very scary to people to poor nation, this is why it's critically important over time.
In conclusion Canada’s population, immigration, internal migration and global population and poverty all have an impact on the population over time. Also this is important because it can provide costs and benefits to Canada’s population, how immigration can save a population decline, job opportunities affect migration within the country, and why the world’s population is important overtime.


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