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Geography Environment Essay

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GEOGRAPHY NOTES · Since European settlement between 78 & 100 plant species have become are extinct. 150-200 under threat.· GENETIC DIVERSITY - safeguard species diversity. Large range of genetic forms within each species. Genetic variations.· Extinct- disappearance of species after thorough searching (some extinction is natural) · At risk- in danger of becoming extinct · Endangered- close to extinction in the wild unless something is done the species could disappear altogether · Vulnerable- The step before endangered · Rare- few of a particular species remain , less serious category than endangered · ...view middle of the document...

· Cultural Vegetation means exotic or introduced species, such as those found in ornamental gardens or pine plantations.· The murray darling was dammed affecting surrounding habitats · Introduced species have had a 3 fold effect on environments 1. Grazing 2. Competition between native and introduced species 3. introduced species can introduce formerly unknown diseases.· In recent years large amounts of insecticide and weedicide have been used and effect the food chain · Homozygosity- breeding of the same species of animals · Hybridise- mixed breeding of plants · Wildlife is harmed by recreation practises · Oldest nat. park in Australia is Witches Falls in QLD founded 1908.· Rachel Carson's SILENT SPRING showed the impact that pesticides could have in areas far outside where they were applied.· We are using up our renewable resources faster than we can replace them · Unique plant and animal species · Last remaining rainforest in Aus is between Townsville and Cooktown, it is on the world heritage list · Wallaces Line is between Borneo lombok clebes and bali. Australian species disappear along this line.· Difference between kangaroos and wallabies is size · Nat. Park is probably the most common type of recreation reserve.· Nat. Parks should be free of exploitative uses. i.e no mining · Wilderness is one of those terms which is often confused meaning different things to different people.· A wilderness area is a large tract of land remote at its core from access and settlement.

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