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GEOGRAPHY NOTES · Since European settlement between 78 & 100 plant species have become are extinct. 150-200 under threat.· GENETIC DIVERSITY - safeguard species diversity. Large range of genetic forms within each species. Genetic variations.· Extinct- disappearance of species after thorough searching (some extinction is natural) · At risk- in danger of becoming extinct · Endangered- close to extinction in the wild unless something is done the species could disappear altogether · Vulnerable- The step before endangered · Rare- few of a particular species remain , less serious category than endangered · ...view middle of the document...

· Cultural Vegetation means exotic or introduced species, such as those found in ornamental gardens or pine plantations.· The murray darling was dammed affecting surrounding habitats · Introduced species have had a 3 fold effect on environments 1. Grazing 2. Competition between native and introduced species 3. introduced species can introduce formerly unknown diseases.· In recent years large amounts of insecticide and weedicide have been used and effect the food chain · Homozygosity- breeding of the same species of animals · Hybridise- mixed breeding of plants · Wildlife is harmed by recreation practises · Oldest nat. park in Australia is Witches Falls in QLD founded 1908.· Rachel Carson's SILENT SPRING showed the impact that pesticides could have in areas far outside where they were applied.· We are using up our renewable resources faster than we can replace them · Unique plant and animal species · Last remaining rainforest in Aus is between Townsville and Cooktown, it is on the world heritage list · Wallaces Line is between Borneo lombok clebes and bali. Australian species disappear along this line.· Difference between kangaroos and wallabies is size · Nat. Park is probably the most common type of recreation reserve.· Nat. Parks should be free of exploitative uses. i.e no mining · Wilderness is one of those terms which is often confused meaning different things to different people.· A wilderness area is a large tract of land remote at its core from access and settlement.


Brazil: Human Geography Essay

1488 words - 6 pages with the environment, with particular reference to the causes and consequences of the spatial distribution of human activity on the Earth's surface.This is a branch of geography that deals with people and their environment - from cities to transportation to religion to food. This includes the influences that made the culture of a certain society have developed, with an emphasis on cultural origins and movement and the cultural characteristics of

Essay On Environmental Psychology

831 words - 4 pages psychologists to help understand how a person will be affected by certain design choices. Environmental health psychology is another subfield where researchers look to understand how our environment has an impact on our health. Environmental psychology draws on a great deal of disciplines, from anthropology, history and sociology, to urban design, geography and architecture in order to help bridge the gap between a human being and his or her

Enviromental impacts due to agriculture - AP Human Geography - Essay

547 words - 3 pages Ava Tucker, Louis, Jacob 2/2/19 Human Geography Agricultural Impacts Global warming, pollution, and soil detrigation all have large impacts on our earth, and therefore our agricultural practices. Both developed and undeveloped countries rely heavily on agriculture for survival, seeing as most people get the majority of their calories from farm raised animals, such as cow and chicken, and crops such as corn and wheat. Without successful

We cannot depend on mankind to put an end to war for us. We can put an end to war ourselves - Leichhardt Campus Year 10 - Persuasive Speech

797 words - 4 pages , Adani, failed energy bills. Hasn't mankind has failed us? Can we trust our leaders to end our war with the environment?(x) The knowledge we've attained from our geography is power. We as the people have the ability to invest in our failures and profit with success. The profit of success when we save paper that saves trees, that save forests that saves life. The profit of success when we speak out for animal rights shows that we have the courage

Do Culture And Individual Beliefs Affect Logical Thinking? If So, How Do They Influence The Conclusions We Reach?

1641 words - 7 pages conclusions that are reached; the premises which have been 'jaded' by culture and individual beliefs.There are many aspects to culture and all of them affect what is personally known and the way one makes decisions. These are mainly language, background (history), race, religion, individual beliefs, and even geography. Individual beliefs are an aspect of culture which are defined as being opinions and convictions. These are normally based on the

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1707 words - 7 pages DORAL RED ROCK UPPER/HIGH SCHOOL COURSE EXPECTATIONS Course Title: World History/H Teacher’s Name(s): Mrs. Schlierkamp Textbook: World History and Geography Course Fees: $0.00 Alternative materials: None Supplies recommended: Folder with prongs, pens, pencils, highlighters, notebook, loose leaf paper COURSE SCOPE AND GOALS Course Scope This one-year course provides instruction in a chronologically-organized study of world history and

The Four Functions Of Management

1072 words - 5 pages jobs within the organization. Decisions must be made about the duties and responsibilities of individual jobs as well as the manner in which the duties should be carried out. Organizing at the level of the organization involves deciding how best to departmentalize, or cluster jobs into departments effectively to coordinate effort. There are many different ways to departmentalize, including organizing by function, product, geography, or customer

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858 words - 4 pages Geography and History of the World Name: Louden Sundling___________________________________ Unit 8 - Global Change “Turning Up the Heat” Directions: Read the Upfront article on Canvas and answer the questions below in complete sentences )unless instructed otherwise). . 1. Why do many scientists fear that time is running out for addressing climate change? Scientists fear that time is running out because it is said that another 15 years of

Vygotsky died young, but had an important influence on psychology - PSYCHOLOGY - influence on psychology

888 words - 4 pages Name: Elantra Thomas Journal # ____4____ Date : Title/Name of the Theory Psychosocial Theory Theorist (s) Erik Erikson was born June 15, 1902, in Frankfort, Germany. He died May 12, 1994 in Harwich, Massachusetts. Erikson attended an art school. During that time he traveled through Europe. Erikson was invited by Anna Freud to teach art. He was also invited to teach history and geography at a private school in Vienna. He entered psychoanalysis

Classroom Management, Engagement, and Motivation

747 words - 3 pages WGU - Task 1 A. Student behavior: Sarah is struggling, sitting still, and often wandering around the classroom causing a negative effect in her own learning because she is not attentive to the instruction of the class. Sarahs behavior also affects the teaching environment causing the teacher to constantly stop the subject being taught to remind Sarah to get back to her assigned seat. Sarah also distracts her classmates by making them lose

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

2197 words - 9 pages The Great Pacific Garbage Patch By: Niamh Leah Frances Edmonstone Imagine one day the whole ocean turning into a giant patch of toxic trash. People have been trashing the ocean for years, but now there is too much trash out there and it is destroying the environment and killing the marine life. If we don't try to stop this issue from escalating in the near future, The Great Pacific Garbage Patches size will increase rapidly and have huge

Hurricanes And Earthquakes

1832 words - 8 pages costs to the American taxpayers. According to RMS, "…hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne" (RMS, 2005) had claims totaling "…$13 billion" (RMS, 2005) that had yet to have been addressed when Hurricane Katrina had hit.Hurricanes, if not monitored closely may have catastrophic affects on any environment in its path and this was the case with the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The New Orleans levees could not hold the water and a

A Book review- ‘The Dream of Delhi as a Global City’ - La Trobe University - Review

1122 words - 5 pages globalization. Long range planning issues: Stephen S. Cohen & Gavin Boyd (Eds); Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham, UK, 2000, pp. 373', International Business Review, vol. 11, no. 2, pp. 251-252. Irfan, U 2017, 'How Delhi became the most polluted city on Earth', Vox Media, . Schindler, S 2014, 'A New Delhi every day: multiplicities of governance regimes in a transforming metropolis', Urban Geography, vol. 35, no. 3, pp. 402-419.

new school context of mixed abilitty school - 1st year mc - new school context

1478 words - 6 pages the following year in Doughiska road., on the east side of Galway City. During our induction, the principal couldn’t stress more about the school’s mission statement, which outlines to foster an environment of respect, integrity and positive learning in a safe and enjoyable setting. This ensures that all students of all faiths and ethnicities can enjoy their education equally in a fun environment outside their homes. How is this new context like

history definitions ranging from letters a all the way to z. this will surely help those in need - 12th us govn. - research paper

4757 words - 20 pages learned and are shared by members of a community or society, and which they use to interpret experience and to generate behavior, and that are reflected in their own behavior. Cultural diffusion – the spread of linguistic or cultural practices or innovations (including ideas and beliefs) within a culture or from one culture to another. Cultural geography – the study of how people use space and interact with their environment. Cultural stability and