Geography Lesson On Costal Erosion And Costal Management Strategies - History - Essay

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Geography Essay
Longshore drift
Groynes, beach nourishment
Spits, Tombolo, bars
Constructive waves
Costal Erosion
destructive waves
hydraulic action, abrasion,
attrition, corrosion
headlands - crack, cave,
arch, stack and stump
Sea wall, offshore
breakwater(rock pool), beach
nourishment (management)
Sand Dunes
dune nourishment (fences,
signs, planting vegetations,
broad-walk) (management)
incipient, fore and hind -
primary, secondary and hind-
Longshore drift, when the wave
swash hits the shore at an angle
due to wind directions which
deposits materials and
sediments, then the backwash
directly drags the sediments into
the ocean. This process repeats
itself in a zigzag movement which
then transfer the sands along the
beach as evident in the Avalon
beach, managed by Groynes,
wooden, stone steps place at
right angle to the beach, which
can stop longshore drift and traps
the sand, and beach
nourishment, which is the
artificial placement of sand onto
the beach, it blends in with the
existing landform however might
cause environmental impact on
the other beach in which the sand
is transferred from. Landforms,
spits, an extended stretch of sand
from beach into the ocean,
Tombolo, when the spit is
connected to an Island, and ba...

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