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Name: Elio Alanis
Much of the San Jacinto College community has been impacted by Houston’s frequent flooding. Some families have lost everything more than once. Others have merely been inconvenienced by high water. San Jacinto College campuses are usually closed a few days every academic year because high water levels from heavy rains makes it unsafe for us to travel to school.
Perhaps you know the feeling of watching the water rise in your street and wondering if it’s going to rise into your home. As the hours pass and the raindrops fall—how high will it get? Will my family be the ones on the news this year—rescued in a helicopter or boat?
This project will introduce you to some of the free, online resources that can help you understand the risk of a flood at your home or a property you are interested in purchasing. You will choose a property to investigate and then ultimately create a quick-reference infographic about what you learned.
Transparency Statement: This project is the Signature Assignment for GEOL 1303: Physical Geology. San Jacinto College assesses your responses to measure if you are learning essential skills in this class. Please answer each question fully and to the best of your ability. Pay attention to instructions and consult your team members if you run into trouble—your professor is not able to help you complete this assignment. This assignment was designed to be of practical use for all residents of Houston; flooding is a constant issue that we face—a little research and planning can go a long way to help you in avoiding headache and heartache!
1. In 150 words or more, explain the history of flooding in Houston from your perspective. Have you or someone you know been impacted by flooding? Why is it a good idea to do a little research before a storm to avoid being flooded? Be sure to include your word count. [153 words]; rubric alignment CT/Explanation of Issues
I moved to Houston five years ago, when I was barely an eighth grader. From my five years of living in Houston I have never experienced anything like Harvey. Not even in my home town. Harvey impacted not just me but my whole community. From leaving in helicopters, to getting on boats, and even getting on big eighteen wheelers picking everyone up. One of my very first friends that I had when I got to Houston had a tragic event that happen to him. His mother had cancer, and during Harvey , water had got into her tube. Couple weeks later, she passed away. It is always good to do research before natural disasters like this, so you can be more prepared in every way possible. Many people like me was they're first facing something like this, so you wouldn’t really know how to prepare other than buying a pack of water bottles.
2. Choose a location within Harris County to investigate (hereafter we will refer to this location as “the site” or “your site”). This could be your home, a place around...

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