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Fund of Electricity/Electronic
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August 22,2018
Michael Faraday is a science hero, who mad remarkable contribution to the field of electrical engineering as a result of his studies on the direct current and electromagnetic fields. Michael Faraday is a British physicist and chemist who made major discoveries of electromagnetic induction in addition to the laws of electrolysis. At a young age Faraday took the opportunity to age Faraday took the opportunity to read some of the books brought in for rebending. The article on “Electricity” in the third edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica which he was rebinding. His curiosity was piqued, and he set out to check whats facts he could by means of a small electrostatic generator which he constructed out of some old bottles and waste lumber. Because of his early reading and experiments with the idea of force, he was able to make important discoveries in electricity later in life and eventually became a chemist and physicist.
As a result of carrying out many chemical experiments, Faraday discovered two new chlorides of carbon and also liquefied chlorine and other gases (Russell, 2006). In 1821, as states by Russell (2006), Faraday wrote an article on current views concerning electricity and magnetism. In 1825, he isolated benzene. Faraday continued working on his ideas concerning electricity. He came up with a novel theory of electro-chemical action in 1833 after coining many of words associated with electricity such as electrode, cathode, ion, and anode among many other. In the late 1830s Faraday was working on his is id...


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