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George Lucas What Themes Does He Deal With?, What Influence Has His Personal Life Had On His Work? And What Is The Significance Of His Work In Today's Society?

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George Lucas is one of the most well known people in the world. He is the man who created the Star Wars saga and Indiana Jones trilogy. From blasting into space past planets and galaxies, to going through the desert to find the lost arc, George Lucas has captured millions of people's imaginations across the world. I have chosen to study George Lucas because I am one of those millions of people whose imagination has been captured by his work. The three questions I have chosen to study are: What themes does George Lucas deal with? What influence has George Lucas' personal history had on his work? and What is the significance of George Lucas' work in today's society?What themes does George ...view middle of the document...

But in all movies that have evil people in it, must have good people to contrast it, and having good people trying to stop the evil there must be rebellion. So the good people in these movies also rebel against evil. In THX1138 the good people that rebel against the omnipresent, omniscient superpower are THX and LUH. These two people break one of the laws that is set out by the super power that forbids people to "engage in the act of sex". In time they escape the world and find out that there is a better world outside of what they know. In the Star Wars saga Luke Skywalker and The rebellion, fight through episodes four to six against the evil empire. Even when Luke finds out that Dath Vader is his father, he still finds the strength to kill his own father for the future of the universe. In the last lot of films a man named Indiana Jones who is an archaeologist tries to stop precious artefacts falling into the wrong hands i.e. the Germans. His heroic actions and the help of some ladies Indiana fights the Germans and restores the artefacts so no one could ever find them again.Through my research I have discovered that the themes of good and evil and rebellion can be found in all of George Lucas' films regardless of what the story is. And if George Lucas makes any more films in the near future, we can be sure that we will see these themes again.What Influence has George Lucas' personal life had on his work?From the book titled Pocket essentials Guide, George Lucas, I have discovered that the ambition that we see in George Lucas today started along time ago when he was only a young boy. He told his father "that I will be a millionaire by the time I am 30. We can see that today he has already accomplished that goal and only if we could go back in time we could tell him that one day it would be true. The love of T.V and movies also started when he was a young boy, watching programs such as Flash Gordon, Buck Rodgers, and Don Winslow. Television has also been a big inspiration to George Lucas for idea that he would use in his movies, for example, The Dath Vader helmet came from the idea of Mars the alien from Loony Toons. As George Lucas moved into his movie career his determination to stay an independent film maker, doing this gave him the freedom to make the movies that he has made. The movies of his time were becoming...

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