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George The Hero Essay

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Ever since George Washington was a young man he was always drawn to the military. He knew he wanted to serve his country and when he got the chance he welcomed it. Washington served as a commander but never considered himself anything more than a citizen. He never thought he was better than anyone that was at a lower rank. He wanted to be a part of his solders and that he did. He knew they were all fighting for the same purpose. Washington very much respected his men and his men very much respected Washington. To the Revolution's last day Washington's troops were tired, starving, and their pay was months overdue. In guiding his troops during year after year defeat to final victory, Washington more than once paid his men out of his own pocket to keep them from going home, Washington earned confidence from early citizens of the United States.Washington was a man of self-motivation and self-strength. He ...view middle of the document...

When President George Washington entered a room he would bow as a way of greeting people. He was very polite but never familiar enough to shake people's hands. Washington was a very humble man he didn't want power because he didn't want to be thought of as a king. Washington played a very important role starting the United States government. He layed the corner stone for the capitol building and picked out the site for the White House.Washington's peaceful approach to politics killed him. He wasn't very interested in politics and tried to stay neutral to avoid confrontation. He refused to choose sides in the European conflicts despite his desires to stay peaceful in political matters, he had enormous discipline. Americans admired his qualities. At the end of Washington's presidency he went back to Mount Vernon where he would tend his crops. On December of 1799 Washington was inspecting his property in very cold weather. The next day he complained of a sore throat and that night he became deeply ill. The doctors extracted blood from him, as well as other practices that did more harm than good. Washington never complained of the pain. He calmly gave orders to servants and apologized for the trouble he was causing everyone. Around midnight he breathed his last breath. At Washington's death he wrote a 42 page will arranging his servants to be set free and his personal servant to be free along with 30 dollars a year for the rest of his life. Washington was a well liked man thousands of people attended his funeral. They would know him as first in war, first in peace and first in the hearts of his country men.George Washington was a remarkable man. He accomplished many things all while being humble, honest and polite. Something many presidents didn't have after him. I believe George Washington was the greatest hero/president of the other three presidents mentioned because he started it all and when he died he became a role model to many Americans. "Washington's profound achievements built the foundations of a powerful and balanced national government that has continued for more than two centuries."

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