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Get Your Role On. Playing Multiple Roles

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Faith is a major aspect of any religion, and my role as a devotee requires me to give full faith towards God. Faith is the only answer to situations that do not seem logical. However, most importantly, faith can only be proven by following the rules set for by God himself. One does not question God, if he believes him to be the supreme God, or the highest spirit. This may seem like blind faith to some, but in a way, we are blind. We do not see the reasons for all the occurrences of nature. We do not understand why good people die, however we fail to realize that maybe they are going to a better place. As human beings, we fall victims to our minds, our own logical reasoning, and to our social ...view middle of the document...

For many of these people it is not very difficult to change their actions because they have gotten used to it, but for others they purposely do so, since the temple environment is a non-thuggish domain.Inclusive to the temple environment, there is also the work environment. This environment is usually one that must have professionalism, and fewer dealings than those of personal life. Often work environments require the business look. In The Brand Called Me, the image is what makes the professional appearance. In this guide, men are suggested to have short hair, no facial hair or any viewable tattoos or symbols. (21) In certain religions though such as Islam, men are not allowed to cut their hair or rid of their facial hair. In my case, my manager asked me as a sales associate to take off my religious symbol on my forehead, because customers would not willingly come to me for advice or for a sale. At the time, it did not seem like a big deal to me; however the symbol is a part of me. When trying to manage multiple roles, sacrifices are made which prohibits playing roles well. In the above example, if I wanted to make more sales and earn a higher income I would have to sacrifice a symbolic part of me and keep an image of professionalism. My role as a Swaminarayan devotee was in essence sacrificed in these events so that my manager could also maintain this decorum in the business environment. However, my sales as an associate were not affected.In determining how one should act, one must refer to guides that have been given to...

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