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Welcome to
Google Drive
Let’s get started.
One safe place for all
your work. And some
pretty cool features, too.
Drive can
help you get
things done.
Search, upload, and access your work
across all of your devices, and everything
is securely backed up on Google servers —
no more lost files.
Stay friends with Office. Work on Word,
Excel, and Powerpoint files right in Drive
— no software needed.
Real-time collaboration. Everyone shares
the same file, so you can create something
together and have all your comments in
one place.
Works with desktops. Sync Drive to your
desktop to open files using applications on
your computer.
Save space. Use Drive to view files on any
device without having to download them.
Easy version control. Manage versions and
view revision history like a pro.
Drive is designed to
simplify the way you work:
Smart features help make
the workday a little easier:
Getting Started
Working In Drive
Learning your way around Drive
Setting up Drive on your devices
Getting your stuff in Drive
Finding and viewing files
Creating new items, and using
apps to get more done
Sharing files inside and outside
of your organization
Can’t find a file or folder?
Accessing, syncing, and loading
Tips, tricks, and fun features
Google Drive
Here’s what we’ll
cover. Click on a
topic to jump ahead.
Getting Started
Learning your way around Drive
• Your files and folders are in My Drive.
• Things that have been shared with you are in
Shared with me. Move them into My Drive to
organize them however you like.
• Recent shows you the last files you’ve worked
on so you can quickly jump back in.
To get to Drive from Gmail, click the 3x3 app launcher at the top of the page and select the Drive icon.TIP
Getting Started
The desktop app works with everything in
My Drive. Choose to only sync specific folders
so you don’t fill up your hard drive, or sync
Move Shared with me items into My Drive
to sync to your desktop.
Google Drive mobile appGoogle Drive for Mac or PC
Get quick and easy access to Google Drive on
your computer, by installing the Google Drive
folder on your desktop. It looks just like any
other folder on your hard drive, but it’s way
more powerful.
• Desktop Sync: Drag, drop, move, rename, or
delete files and folders here, and all changes
are instantly synced to Drive across all
your devices.
• Open in Drive: Keep files safe in Drive, but
still open and edit files using apps on your
computer like Photoshop or Adobe Acrobat.
Download the mobile app to open, edit, and
share your files from any smartphone or tablet
—without using up your device’s local storage.
No Internet? No problem.
Keep working when you don’t have a data or
WiFi connection—simply pin files to make
them available offline.
Setting up Drive on your devices
0.06TB (1%) of 10.05TB used
Getting Started
Make yourself at home. Add files to Drive and
organize them however you want. They’ll always
be available wherever you log i...

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