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Dual federalism​: A system of government in which both the states and the national government remain supreme within their own
spheres, each responsible for some policies. (layer cake) {the older conception of federalism that attempted to clearly separate
national and state areas of authority. thought of as a layer cake, "interstate and intrastate commerce clause"}
Cooperative federalism: ​the idea that there is overlap between state powers and national powers, thought of as a marble cake
with the different parts swirling and mixing into each other
Supremacy clause​: . A ​clause​ of the u.s construction that establishes that the u.s constitution and federal treaties,laws, and
regulations are the supreme law of the land.
Powers of the presidency​:
Serve as commander in chief of the armed forces
Commission officers of the armed forces
Grant reprieves and pardons for federal offenses (except impeachment)
Convene Congress in special sessions
Receive ambassadors
Take care that the laws be faithfully executed
Wield the "executive power"
Appoint Cabinet officials, White House staff and Supreme Court justices
Going public​: -An attempt by the president to put pressure on congress by notifying the people of an issue.
-examples: Speeches, bus tours, Obama's job bill, town hall
Bill of rights​: -The collective name for the first 10 amendments, which limit power of federal government.
-Set limits on what govt. can/cannot do in regards to personal liberties of natural rights, liberty, or property.
-reserves rights for people not specifically stated in the const.
Patronage​: Granting favors or giving contracts or making appointments to office in return for political support.
Bill​: a suggested law
Veto​: to refuse to sign (president)
Right to privacy​: the right to a private personal life free from the intrusion of government
Jim crow laws​: Laws written to separate blacks and whites in public areas/meant African Americans had unequal opportunities in
housing, work, education, and government
Appropriations​: In the United States, an ​appropriations​ bill is a bill that appropriates (gives to, sets aside for) money to specific
federal government departments, agencies, and programs. The money provides funding for operations, personnel, equipment,
and activities.
Presidency centered government​:
1. Started with Theodore Roosevelt (disputed, some say FDR)
2. FDR vastly expanded the size and scope of the Presidency
3. Government has become more and more involved in the aspects of citizen's lives (New Deal Legislation)
Functional duties increased (those not specifically written in the Constitution)
The president is the only national elected person***
The biggest tool of the presidency is its power to persuade
"Speak softly, but carry a big stick" Teddy Roosevelt
Teddy gives 3 hour speech after getting shot, then goes to the hospital
Going down Amazon River (almost dies twice)
Difference Between House and Senate 
The Congress is the main legislative body of the U.S....

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