Remember The Titans: A Film Analysis

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Remember the Titans: A Film Analysis
Isela Esquivel
Angelo State University
Remember the Titans: A Film Analysis
There are those who would believe that racism is a thing of the past. Jim Crow laws and
segregation are no longer in place, and racism disappeared with them. The reality of the situation
is that racial discrimination has just evolved. It is now a subtle and unconscious shadow that
lurks behind racial jokes and closed doors. There are areas in the United States where poor
African Americans must drink contaminated water or must protest for injustices on the street.
These inequalities highlight the present state of racism in society, and make it obvious that the
discrimination and prejudice against race is more alive than ever. The people who believe that
racism is a thing of the past are simply turning a blind eye to current inequalities because they do
not conform to their definition of bigotry. A solution to this voluntary blindness is media, which
can be an effective aid in painting an accurate image of the reality that racial minorities live
every day. The movie “Remember the Titans” is a prime example of how to alert people of the
constant threat of racism, and of how to help in reducing prejudice and discrimination.
American football is clearly one of the country’s most beloved sports. The movie creates
a connection with the average American when it uses a popular sport to demonstrate racial issues
and resolution methods to solve them. If the story of “Remember the Titans” was reduced to its
basic components, the main idea is building and training a football team with biracial members
and coaches. The story is not a new one by any means, because sports movies often involve
mismatched teens improving through team effort and a determined coach. What is definitely
different is that the movie chooses to make racism the obstacle to beat for the Titans. The
Virginia town itself goes through a life-changing journey as they watch the team break social
schemas and become a truly racially integrated group. Of course, there are also small subthemes
such as gender stereotypes. Sheryl Yoast is portrayed as a football-loving tomboy who in several
occasions is pointed out as odd or different when compared with Nicky Boone, her complete
opposite. Another big point in the movie is the fact that Coach Boone is chosen over Coach
Yoast as the team’s head coach, and everyone believes it is due to the fact that Boone is African
American. The movie makes it obvious that Yoast is more qualified for the position, but due to
the recent racial integration of the high school, the school board has chosen Boone. These themes
enrich the movi...

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