Assignment On Ginny's Business Plan

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Table of Contents. .. 1 1. 0 Executive Summary. 2 1. 1 Introduction. .2 1. 2 Mission. 2 1. 3 Motto2 1. 4 The Market. .. 2 2. 0 Company Summary. .2 2. 1 Key to Success3 2. 2 Industry Overview3 2. 3 Goals and Objectives3 3. 0 Products and Services. .. 3 3. 1 Detailed Description of Product and Services. .3 3. 2 Customer Benefits Provided by Product and Services. 3 4. 0 Market. .. 4 4. 1 Target Market Profile. .. 5 4. 2 Estimated Sales6 5. 0 Competition. 6 5. 1 Direct Competitors Present and Future6 5. 2 Indirect Competitors- Present and Future. .. 6 6. 0 Marketing 6. 1 Positioning.
6. 2 Sales Strategy and Tactics. ..
6. 3 Advertising and Promotions Plans.
6. 4 Pricing Strategy. ..
7. 0 Organization
7. 1 Owner Biography
7. 2 Ownership
8. 0 Key Risks
8. 1 Description of Risks 9. 0 Financial Requirements and Cash Flow Projection 1. 0 Executive Summary 1. 1 Introduction Gin's Shear Genius is a full-service beauty salon dedicated to consistently providing a pleasant customer experience by delivering excellent services, quality products, and furnishing an indulgent atmosphere. We will also provide our employees with a friendly and creative work environment that respects diversity, ideas, and hard work.

1. 2 Our Mission
To provide everyone with the opportunity to look and feel inspired while loving their appearance.

1. 3 Our Motto
"Experience Shear Genius!"

1. 4 The Market
The market for salons is ever-growing. Of course, the location for any salon is key to success or failure. Offering great customer service along with an unbeatable experience is a sure way to success. The location selected to Gin's Shear Genius is the only one in the area. We have chosen the Cold Springs Community in Reno, NV.
2. 0 Company Summary
2. 1 Keys to Success
Gin's Shear Genius will offer the skills and customer service that will create a great customer environment once our customers enter our salon.
2. 2 Industry Overview
The Salon industry is growing by leaps and bounds. This is great, but if an area is too concentrated, it keeps salons from staying open and they are highly competitive. The Cold Springs community is a great location with over 8, 000 residents and 20 miles from Reno, NV. A lot of residents here do not like driving ten to twenty miles for odds and ins. It is a far enough drive that when the local bar and grill and family dollar tree opened up they were hugely successful as they are very conveniently located.

2. 3 Goals and Objectives To provide the Cold Springs community with convenient yet relaxing salon services.

3. 0 Products and Services 3. 1 Detailed Description of Product and Services Our goal is to offer services to our target market. Haircut Services Prices for Kids 10 and under $10. 00 Adult $15. 00 Senior 65 and up $10. 00 Neck trims Free Beard trims $4. 00 and up Color Services All over color $45. 00 Highlight 6 foils $40. 00 Partial Highlight $45. 00 All- Over highlight 1 color $60. 00 and up. Additional charges ...

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