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Give Hunger the Boot Volunteer. Prepared by Fundraising Assistant and Community Fundraising Manager. Last reviewed June 2013
ROLE TITLE: Give Hunger the Boot Volunteer
REPORTS TO: Community Fundraising Manager/Fundraising Assistant
LOCATION: Bastion House, 140 London Wall, London, EC2Y 5DN
DURATION AND HOURS: 2-3 days per week for a minimum of 2 months.
To assist with the delivery and fulfilment of Farm Africa's 'Give Hunger the Boot' appeal.
 Communicating with supporters via the phone to build relationships and encourage support.
 Capturing and recording information on Farm Africa supporter database (Raisers Edge).
 Fulfilment of donor requests to ensure they have the fundraising materials they need.
 Working with the communications team to generate interest and follow up on media leads.
 Managing social media around ...view middle of the document...

 Making suggestions as to how we can improve processes and delivery in the future.
 Supporting the Events and Corporate fundraisers on additional projects and tasks as they
arise, as advised by the Community Fundraising Manager.

Give Hunger the Boot Volunteer. Prepared by Fundraising Assistant and Community Fundraising Manager. Last reviewed June 2013
Essential Desirable
A strong interest in fundraising, ideally in community fundraising
Experience of working in fundraising
Previous experience of working in an office environment
Skills & abilities
Experience using Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook
Proven written and verbal communication skills
Willingness to engage with supporters via verbal and written communication
Strong administrative skills and excellent attention to detail
Previous experience of using databases in particular Raiser's Edge
A commitment to Farm Africa's vision
Training and learning's
 An introduction into fundraising within a medium sized, close-knit NGO
 Experience of working in both a fundraising and supporter services team to
understand how an appeal is managed from both perspectives.
 Experience of delivering excellent donor care and motivating fundraisers to support us
 Training in Raisers Edge database
Farm Africa's Values
Farm Africa seeks to employ those who believe, as we do, that farmers can and will play a key
role in achieving long-term rural prosperity in Africa and who seek to deliver on those beliefs
 being experts in our field, delivering insightful/impactful evidence-based solutions
 pushing boundaries, being creative with new and old solutions
 acting for the long-term, building relationships and delivering long-lasting change for
 working flexibly, taking advantage of the most effective solutions, whether from the
communities, private sector or government
 sharing knowledge with others, reaching more farmers than we do alone, ensuring
effective technologies are widely accessed.
To apply for this position Please email a copy of your CV and a supporting statement of no more than one A4 side detailing why you are applying and why you are suitable for the role to Sarah Goddard, Community Fundraising Manager on

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