Give Me Liberty Chapter 5 And 6 Review Questions Us History 2 Homework

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Katherine Murawski
Professor Tonks
US History 201
2 March 2019
1. Tom Brokaw​: ​"They were not just brave in a military sense, they were intellectually brave."
What does he mean? Based on your reading and the video clip, why was the American
Revolution much more than just a military battle? What role does education, intellect, and
economics play in our fight for independence?
In the video “American Revolution” by the History Channel, Daniel Walker Howe stated that,
“The people who were in the forefront of the revolution were people engaged in commerce,
because they felt more specifically and directly British interference, British taxation and
limitations.” Therefore, I believe that the American Revolution was motivated by the concept of
economics largely. For example many of the riots that were held by the colonist “expressed
resentments against the rich and powerful” (Foner 171) and protested against British Laws such
as the Sugar and Stamp Act. These riots were based of the idea of being taxed without
representation in the House of Commons. This further progress in to riots against the Townshend
Acts, the Tea Act, and the Intolerable Acts (178-181). All of these riots were based on the
concept of liberty, which includes freedom from taxation, having the same liberties as the
Englishmen which includes education. The new American military was intellectually brave
because they knew what was happening was wrong and were willing to fight for it.
2. Tim Gunn​: ​"It is interesting to think about the foundation of the nation and how the country
was born out of revolution and that rallying spirit of win win, win, fight back the oppressors still
exists." ​Is it really interesting to think our nation was born out of revolution? Do you agree with
Tim Gunn, does our spirit of win, win, win and fight back oppression still exist? Defend your
answer with a modern day example.
I would agree with Tim Gunn’s statement because American History is not just about people
settling on a piece of land and living there throughout the years, but instead there is history of
war, the fight for freedom, and perseverance. One of the statements that really stuck out to me
from the History Channel video “if you are going up against guys who are using blankets for
shows in the middle of winter, bring your best came, ‘cause, they’ll open a can of early
American whoopass on you” (Brian Williams). Not only did this line make me laugh but it also
cleverly highlights how much perseverance that these early “gorilla soldiers” had when fighting
for their independence. These soldiers were willing to risk losing their limbs from frostbite in the
freezing cold to fight for their independence. It also gave insight into how wars, and protests
would go on for the rest of American History. For example, the Civil Rights movement consisted
of men and women who put up and fought against the most disgusting and dehumanizing
brutality, yet they still persevere for their liberties.
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