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Giving Gifts Essay

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For me, gift giving supplies me with an armload of self-gratification. I am not a needy person, by any means, BUT I do need to be needed. Gift giving is just one of the many ways you can show a person how you feel. Not just love but gratitude and appreciation as well. I use it as a way to let someone know that I am thinking about them. The smallest, out ...view middle of the document...

Sometimes people get so comfortable with their lives that they forget that everything worth having has to be worked for, and any relationship that you begin with someone will always and continually require work. Positive reinforcement is just as effective as tough love. When I see someone I love heading in the wrong direction or close to making an err in judgement, I wouldnt even hesitate to try and help them or prevent them from getting hurt. Gift giving supports the other end of a relationship. When I see someone I love doing something or saying something (or even saying nothing when it applies) to send a positive message, I want them to know that I noticed that and appreciate that about them. To me, relationships are living and breathing "creatures" that must be fed well and maintained to stay healthy. If you find someone in your life that makes you want to try harder, snatch them up and dont let go!! They, themselves, are a gift and should be appreciated.

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