Global Business Plan: Coca-cola Company - MGMT 302 - Business Plan

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Global Business Plan: Coca-Cola Company
Aubree Green
July 17, 2018
Table of Content
(Description of Organization)
Description of Product
Description of foreign market/country
Risk Analysis of Country
Swot Analysis
Entry Strategy and Operations
1. Introduction
Description of Organization
Coca-Cola Company has seen a substantial success in the last century and its legacy continues in the 21st century because it is the biggest-selling and most popular beverage company with many famous soft-drink brands in the world. Dr. John. S. Pemberton created the company in Atlanta, Georgia in 1886. Initially, Jacob’s pharmacy used it as a fountain beverage, which was the mixture of carbonated water and Coca-Cola syrup. By 1895, the company had started selling its products in all American states. This organization began bottling operations in 1899 and expanded its business in foreign countries in 1906. The global expansion of franchised bottling operations made it a renowned soft drink corporation in the world (Deal, 2018). The main franchised brand produced by this company is Coke or Coca-Cola, which is a carbonated soft-drink. This product was previously envisioned as a patent medication; nonetheless, John Pemberton in the late nineteenth century acquired marketing tactics of a renowned marketer and businessman, Griggs Candler who made the company to dominate the soft-drink world market in the twentieth century (Faria, 2018). Primarily, the ingredients of this soft-drink include coca leaves and kola nuts from where this brand had also acquired its name. In addition, at present, nobody knows the current formula of this soft drink and is often considered a trade secret. However, various experimental recreations and recipes are available to the general public and other companies (Hestad, 2016).
2. Description of Product
The product chosen for this business plan is Diet Coke. Most often, in some markets, consumers call it with the same brand name Coca-Cola. Diet Coke is a calorie/sugar-free soft-drink, and which was initially introduced in 1982 in America. Presently, Diet Coke is also known as Coca-Cola light and a large number of consumers considered it one of the popular brands of the company. Customers from all around the world buy this product, making it a dominant soft-drink brand in more than 140 markets globally. The product’s ingredients are caffeine, potassium citrate, potassium benzoate, acesulfame potassium, aspartame, phosphoric acid, caramel color, and carbonated water above all. The ingredients of Diet Coke mostly comes from GMOs, which are genetically modified food or crops.
3. Description of foreign market/country (China)
The people Republic of China borders with Korean Bay, South China Sea, and the East China Sea, with around fourteen sovereign countr...

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