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Final Global Business PlanRegional AnalysisIn the past, politics mainly covered national governments. Today they take on more of a global practice as the world is globalized. This is done through political integration cooperation's, such as European Union and through intergovernmental organizations like the World Bank and the World Trade Organization. By using the sources that have been formed allow companies to expand into foreign destinations.Of all of the countries in the world at this time, the two strongest regions are North America and Asia. These two areas are strong in intellect and income. Japan is a country known for its high technology and savvy business approach, which is ...view middle of the document...

A Target store in Japan would help the social, health, and environmental status in Japan. Target would offer a wide range of jobs that would benefit Japan socially. Target offers health benefits that would benefit the employees. Target offers a great deal of medical products as well as prescription medicine. Target proudly offers a well-kept, clean shopping environment. Having a Target store would benefit Japanese society and the health and welfare of the Japanese population.Target also takes a great deal of pride in protecting the environment. By using the company's current policies on the recycling of cardboard, plastic, metal and hangers, the company can refrain from polluting the small country of Japan and leave a legacy for years to come in the new market.Terrorism is a global concern. The terrorism threat for Target, as a merchandise/food store is relatively low, but Target Stores addresses it as a prime concern. Even though the odds of a bomb ever entering a store or facility are slim, the company follows procedures and trains its employees on how to handle these situations in case they were ever to arise. Target has an entire pyramid of their company that focuses on terrorism and disasters. This is a part of the assets protection team. For example, if anything of a suspicious nature was to ever enter one of its facilities, this specialized team can track it back to where it originated. This team could prove to be extremely beneficial to any government, just as it has proved itself beneficial to the United States government.Country AnalysisJapan is an economic world power with the world's second largest economy (Library of Congress, 2006). Japan's industrialized, free-market economy is the world's fourth largest by purchasing power parity (PPP) after United States, People's Republic of China, and India (Library of Congress. 2006). The country is the second largest by market exchange rates. Its economy is highly efficient and competitive in areas linked to international trade, although productivity is lower in areas such as agriculture, distribution, and services (Library of Congress, 2006).Economically, Japan is one of the most highly developed nations in the world. Its gross domestic product is the second highest in the world. Japan has a high-income category with gross national index of 38,980.00 per capita (US$) (Library of Congress, 2006).The main elements of Japan's financial system is much the same as those of other major industrialized nations: a commercial banking system, which accepted deposits, extended loans to businesses, and dealt in foreign exchange; specialized government-owned financial institutions, which funded various sectors of the domestic economy; securities companies, which provided brokerage services, underwrote corporate and government securities, and dealt in securities markets; capital markets, which offered the means to finance public and private debt and to sell residual corporate ownership (Library...


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806 words - 4 pages and operational plan to prevent the challenges that were met. Nike did go back to the drawing board and was able to get over the challenges it was facing. This made Nike even stronger as a company and today Nike is a leader in its industry.ReferencesHill, Charles W. L. (2009). International Business: Competing in the Global Marketplace, (7th ed.). McGraw Hill.

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1249 words - 5 pages target the XYZ product into the Irish market. Following the six-step IMC plan and keeping an open line of communications with business partners and professionals, XYZ has an excellent opportunity to profitably sell their product.References:Cateora-Graham (2004) International marketing 12th Edition. Developing global marketing strategies. The McGraw-Hill CompaniesDuncan, T. (2004). IMC planning. Chapter Six. Principals of Advertising and IMC, Second

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2942 words - 12 pages GLOBALISATION CREATED A VACUUM OF GOVERNANCE AS IT HAS SHIFTED POWER AWAY FROM GOVERNMENTS TO BUSINESSES DUE TO TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCES STUDENT NAME-RAHUL VELUMANI STUDENT NUMBER-S3666207 WORD COUNT- 2407 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Researchers in administration and financial matters generally share the presumption that business organization target only on their income, while it is the government's responsibility to give goods to the public. In this view

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2132 words - 9 pages : number of hotel rooms, number of network installations, number of guests requesting rooms, and the amount of repeat business. Playa Frente, LLC will then compare actual results to the defined target values established for each of the parameters. Playa Frente, LLC will then make the necessary changes to the strategic plan to achieve the desired results.Devise Contingency PlanA contingency plan is necessary to deal with the rapidly changing and

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1860 words - 8 pages Communication paper PAGE \* Arabic 1 Running Head-COMMUNICATION PLAN, MONITORS AND CONTROLSLittle Fun Size Candy Communication StrategiesJaime EnriquezBUS 475January 10, 2011Lesley KingWriting a business plan is an important factor in beginning a business, but many owners are unsuccessful to make out the importance of one. A good plan focuses on meeting primary objectives, and to stay on track, it is essential in developing a good

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1803 words - 8 pages and change products and markets accordingly.Timeline and MilestonesAn international marketing plan needs a timeline to create effectiveness. Selling air conditioners in India has a number of different stages to the process. In the 2nd quarter of 2008, GE wants to complete the business environment assessment for India and finalize the budget. The implementation, planning and execution meetings are scheduled weekly. During both the 4th quarter of

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509 words - 3 pages global marketplace. Effects Throughout the last decades, the main factor for the life of a business that has become a leading abstraction is the globalization. The occurrence will affect the resources, profession life’s, civilizations, and a lot of surroundings are influenced by these differences. These differences are mainly interconnected to expand competitiveness and the expeditious changes of technology and intelligence conveyance. For