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Global Warming Essay

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An Inconvenient Truth maybe the scariest movies out this summer and the villain isn't Freddy or Jason, its Global Warming. The movie stars former United States Vice President Al Gore and is a documentary based mostly on the multimedia presentations that were developed over years by him as educational tool on global warming. This movie is a solution factor in the suppression of Global Warming.The source of energy for Earth is the Sun's rays. The rays hit the Earth and are absorbed by the Earth's surface, but a few actually reflect off the Earth as the form of light. The Moon is a model of this effect when it shines brightly, caused by the reflection of the Sun's rays. Energy leaves the Earth ...view middle of the document...

Both land and open water are less reflective than ice, and so absorb more solar radiation. This causes more warming, which in turn causes more melting, and the cycle continues increasing the Earth temperature at an unmanageable level.The effects predicted for Global Warming can be fatal for the environment and humans. Glaciers will be affected greatly with the higher temperatures melting the ice like the Hindu Kush and Himalayas. The melt water from these glaciers have been a main source of water for much of Asia and faster melting can leave areas without water in a few decades. The higher temperature, melting of the ice caps and rising sea levels can also cause endangerment or extinction to species of animals. For example polar bears were exemplified in the video drowning in high sea levels because of not being able to get rest and hunt prey on sea ice. This shortage of food has caused cases of cannibalism with polar bears showing future species may have to follow identical measures. As well the human species will get affected, like Hurricane Katrina which affected thousands of people, which scientist believe is due to global warming. Hurricanes are not supposed to occur in the South Atlantic but for the first time a Hurricane named Emily had hit it. Hurricanes affect us economically as well for example with the largest oil platform destroyed in the Gulf of Mexico due to a powerful hurricane. Disasters are going to get...

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