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Global warming is an increase in the Earth's average temperature that alters the climate and disrupts the natural balance of nature. There are two types of causes for global warming: natural causes and man-made causes. One natural cause is a release of methane gas from arctic tundra and wetlands. Methane is a greenhouse gas and that causes some global warming. However, man-made causes probably do the most damage. There are many man-made causes. Pollution is one of the biggest man-made problems. Burning fossil fuels is one thing that causes pollution and results in the release of CO2, which is also a greenhouse gas. The effects of global warming, such as more extreme weather, glac ...view middle of the document...

Also, as population increases, more and more cars show up on the road, releasing CO2 and methane in the air. As humans, we are trying to balance out our negative impacts by using solar, wind and hydroelectric energy sources. Although these sources aren’t that popular, they still make a difference. France, United States, Russia, Japan and 27 other countries are using nuclear energy to generate electricity for their people. Nuclear energy is a clean, safe and cheap way to get electricity. Automakers are also increasing the efficiency of their cars, and some are offering diesel, hybrid and electric cars as an option. We are also saving important ecosystems and making sanctuaries there. We are cutting down our need for fossil fuels, which will slow down the rate of global warming, too. Many countries have taken actions to reduce their impact on the Earth by signing Kyoto Protocol, in which countries are assigned emission limitations for the reduction of greenhouse gases.The U.S. government has taken some actions. Slowing the rate of deforestation in U.S. and reforestation has helped save many trees. Some states, such as California, are limiting CO2 emissions from cars. This will cut the production of greenhouse gases in California tremendously. The U.S. government is also planning to add as many as 31 more nuclear reactors to its line of 103 operating nuclear reactors (Energy Information Administration). This nuclear energy accounts for 20% of the country’s electricity and as more reactors are added, the number will increase. This will cut down the CO2 emissions produced by burning coal. President Bush, however, has been breaking promises he had made to regulate global warming. In 2001, he promised to regulate carbon emissions from power plants, to reduce global warming (National Environmental Trust). Until now, he hasn’t done anything. Also, President Bush announced an 18% reduction of greenhouse gas "intensity" by 2012, which means 14 % increase in greenhouse gas emissions (National Environmental Trust). Moreover, he hasn’t signed the Kyoto Protocol, saying that China (world’s 2nd largest producer of CO2), was excused from the treaty. He also says that Kyoto Protocol would put a pressure on the U.S. economy. Furthermore, “the war on terror” has drawn attention from global warming. Since the September 11 attacks, President Bush has pushed the matter of global warming to the side and used his full power to combat terrorists. As the issue of global warming isn’t addressed, more and more people are mislead every year that global warming isn’t true and is just a theory. Due to this, not many people are pushing the government to take some action. However, people like Al Gore and now changing that and are addressing the issue globally.An individual can...


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947 words - 4 pages concerns as it produces a large amount carbon dioxide, which has greatly contributed to global warming. All above considered, we, as a collective people living on Earth, should make it our personal responsibility to reduce the amount of fossil fuels and excess waste we emit into the environment. Although we can easily point out the negatives of fossil fuels, we cannot neglect to acknowledge their several advantages, which include their high

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1092 words - 5 pages Persuasive Speech Monroe's Motivated Sequence 1. Hello, Today I am going to talk about the issue of Global Warming. a. Most of us when we here about Global warming we don’t consider that we are part of that. We are part of the reason why Global warming is happening. b. We hear people saying Global Warming is happening. But most of us don’t know what Global Warming is. Global Warming is a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth’s