Global Worlds, Global Challenges

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a. The total world population in 2005 is 6, 434, 866, 000 people according to the data present in Excel.

b. The mean per capita national income for the 161 countries in 2005 is 9, 810$.
c. The median per capita national income for the 161 countries in 2005 is 3, 050$.

d. The inter-quartile range for per capita national income for the 161 countries in 2005 is 10, 436. 815$.

Earthquake Deaths
Storm Deaths



Central America

Central Asia

Eastern Asia

Eastern Europe

Northern America


South America

Southern Asia

Western Asia

Western Europe

1. This chart shows that earthquakes hit the Caribbean and Asia the hardest, at more than 200, 000 deaths for each. Storms have a similar pattern, hitting Asia and Central America the hardest. However, Europe and North America are not hut that hard by either, safe for storms hitting North America hard, causing more than 5, 000 deaths, mainly in the United States. This chart shows that lesser developed areas of the world such as Southeast Asia or Central America are more vulnerable to storms and earthquakes than developed areas like Europe or Northern America despite having the same risks (especially Northern America). However this graph also shows that some underdeveloped countries are well positioned in the world and actually avoid disasters thanks to their geographical location, for exam...

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