Globalizations Impact On Daily Life Globablization, Metropolitan State University Essay

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Stephen Weiss
Chapter 11
Assignment: Story of My Life Purpose
With increased globalization in the United States it is inevitable that we will be communicating with people that are culturally different. Globalization allows businesses and other organizations to operate internationally. My food, car, technology, clothing and much more comes from all over the world. There is truth to globalization uniting country’s to better the overall economy, but in relation to that, we now have the largest economic gap in America. The United States is favored when it comes to globalization. People cannot be successful without access to technology and education. Internet globalization opens an infinite amount of opportunity.
Facts show that globalization has impacted society in both negative and positive ways. It is noteworthy that globalization triggered substantial economic disparity. Unfortunately, poverty is a problem that will exist with or without a globalized economic system. To reason that an anti-globalized world would be free of any societal problems is illogical. There would still be division among society just like we see today, just under different conditions. Personally, I believe that an anti-globalized economic system would increase poverty and unemployment leaving each country to address these problems individually.
Without globalization we wouldn’t have the advanced technology and communication systems we have today. The internet is easily the most powerful and widely used tool today. We heavily rely on the internet when it comes to businesses operating effectively, educating their employees, communicating, and collecting data. We use computers and other technology now more...

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