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Short Story: The Lost Shirt
Harrison Graham
When Alex got home, he went straight into his room. At first, he didn’t notice anything wrong. Then his heart skipped a beat. His body froze, as his mind whirled in panic and with disbelief. It was gone! Alex sat on his bed looking at his bare bedhead with disbelief. What had happened? 2 days before, Alex was taken to the cricket with his brother, mum, dad and his grandpa. They had front row seats watching the Australians destroy the New Zealand team. Alex’s main goal was to get his idols signature on the back of his old cricket shirt. The huge dark clouds that loomed in the distance looked like a gigantic cruise ship coming their way. The rain then came down in bucket loads, covers went onto the pitch. Five minutes later the ground announcer had a sad message for the crowd telling them that the game had been called off. Alex felt like he had been hit by a train. He was excited and looking forward to the game but only got to see 5 overs of play.
Alex’s mum and dad were extremely disappointed that the game had been called off but then out of nowhere the ground announcer came on again and told the whole stadium that the Australian cricket team will be going around the outside of the ground signing autographs and taking photos with everyone in the crowd. Alex was happier than a ‘pig in mud’. Alex’s time came, David Warner was just a school table length away. He handed over the pen, the permanent marker smell wafted in the air, the grinding noise of the pen on the polyester lasted for about 5 seconds, and there it was, David Warner’s signature on the back of his old Australian cricket shirt. By the time they got home the first thing that Alex did was put the signed shirt on his bedhead. He went to school the next day bragging to his friends that he had got David Warner’s signature. He got home and ran straight into his room. At first, he didn’t notice anything wrong. Then his heart skipped a beat. His body froze, as his mind whirled in panic and with disbelief. It was gone! Alex sat on his bed looking at his bare bedhead with disbelief. His shirt was missing! His mum could not believe him. Later that day Alex’s brother came home from school thinking that he would be the obvious culprit. He asked him but he denied any wrong doing so Alex just shrugged his thoughts off. He remembered that a dodgy bloke at his school stole things from another person’s house. Alex went to school the next day to see if anyone knew about his shirt. He looked at the dodgy person but today he looked slightly scruffier than usual, his hair untidy, a battered, shapeless leather jacket over jeans with holes at both knees. His hair as greasy as a fast food...

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