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Through presentation of concepts and ideology that challenge the public’s perception of the world, a composer manipulates an audience’s identity by influencing their values and beliefs. This is reflected in the documentary, ‘Go back to where you came from’ (Go back) 2013, which focuses on the refugee crisis in Australia and illustrates personalities, places and events as core themes that alter the audience’s opinions. The viewpoint of refugees as innocent is portrayed through use of the participant’s contrast in attitude from their ignorance at the start, to the end when they have experienced the refugee struggle, extreme events and dangerous places accompanied with stylistic features that urge the audience to sympathise with the refugee experience.
The contrast in the participants attitudes towards refugees at the beginning and the end of the documentary persuades the audience to sympathise with refugees. Through illustration of six strong-minded people that have various viewpoints on refugees in Australia and experience personal growth by empathising for them, the audience is persuaded to also relate and sympathise with refugees. Aged 26, lifeguard Adams’ ideology was that Australia shouldn’t allow refugees to live here or to spend money on them. “We’re spending millions of dollars on housing these criminals.” This is in distinct contrast to the end of the documentary when he says, “I’d get in a boat,” which demonstrates his understanding of the refugee experience. This change in attitude is further exemplified by the non-diegetic music in the background which makes the scene more emotional and further pushes the audience to sympathise with refugees.  Consequently, by challenging the participants ideology the composer directly challenges the audience’s ideology and emphasises refugees as innocent.
By demonstrating the experiences faced by refugees during the journey to reach Australia, the composer encourages the audience to sympathise with them. Through use of dangerous places such as Iraq and the living conditions of refugees in Indonesia the audience gain insight into the lives of refugees which promotes them...


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