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Goal Statement Essay

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Talking about oneself may be an easier task for others but for me it is not that easy. And the reason is very simple. Most of the time talking about oneself comes out as a bombastic display of prolonged self-praise. In fact, I am a man of actions that’s why a clever use of words can not serve the very purpose especially for me. But, in this essay I will try to depict my whole picture in blank and white with its all willingness and ambitions in my particular field of interest. Honestly speaking, learning is lifetime process and the real student is someone who is all time receptive for knowledge and education coming through different academic and non-academic channels. Honestly speaking, ...view middle of the document...

At the moment, the only way that you will scare most people with ‘cyber’ capabilities is to threaten to throw the equipment at them.In my opinion, in the recent past, particularly since the events of 9/11, the developed world has become increasingly sensitized to the threat of terrorism. At the same time, without doubt, cyber technologies have increasingly been adopted and in many cases are now so embedded in the way that we operate, that any disruption to them could have a significant effect. For whatever reason, the two issues seem to have been linked together, with the fear of the former being viewed in terms of the latter, with the result that we seem to have seen a disproportionate reaction to the potential threat of cyber terrorism. To date there has been no evidence of cyber terrorism and only anecdotal evidence of the use of ‘cyber' technologies by terrorist groups.As a learner of Computer Information Systems, I strongly believe that the perpetration of cyber...

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