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Goals Essay
Before coming to Georgia Military College, I would call myself a lost child. My mom and dad had invested so much money into my education and would even rub the fact that the other five siblings of mine graduated high school and college with high honors. I’ve spent the last year looking at myself from within trying to figure who I am. One career choice that has caught my attention is becoming a high school principal. To become a high school principal, I will need to have the proper education, the proper mindset, and have a strict plan I will achieve.
In order to become a high school principal, I must have the proper education and experience. The first step is to obtain a masters degree in education administration. second, I will need to spend a minimum of five years in a teaching role. third I will need to pass and complete the certification of educators. Working conditions for a high school principal is to supervise teachers, staff members and students. High school principals are also responsible for school budgeting and finance. High school principals typically make around 75k to 103k a year. The current career outlook is expected to grow to 31.4% in Atlanta by the year 2022.
I’ve been lucky enough to work in the school system for one year as a 7th grade English teacher and since I’ve been on school grounds I have keep my eye open to how administers operate. During this research I was able to connect with my career field and it has even given me more juice to push myself further to complete my goal. I’ve also learned that school principals play a huge role in schools’ daily activities and finances luckily math is one of my strong suits subject. Another thing I was able to learn about my career path was the fact that school principals don’t get the summers off just as the school teachers get which may affect the way I look at this career. The fact that principals work all year round is not an exciting factor but at least the pay is good.
Researching and talking about my career path sounds exciting but with every talk game comes a game plan. In order for me to become a high school principal I need to finish my year and half at Georgia Military College to obtain my associates degree. Then I will transfer to Georgia State University by Fall of 2019 to obtain my bachelor’s degree by 2021. Once I obtain my bachelor’s degree, I will continue to work towards earning my masters degree and also teach for five years. Finally, by 2026 I will have the proper education and experience to become a high school principal.
After attending college for six years and teaching for five years, I will expect myself to be well prepared to begin calling the shots. I expect to roll into the six figures pay range, while also turning bad schools into good schools. I will also have enough money to someday build a university in Haiti and start my path on becoming a Dr in education. My life will be challenging, but it will be well worth the fight to know that I am making the world a better place. I also plan on being the best husband I can possibly be and the best father I can be to my own kids and the kids I work with.
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