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Contents21.0: Long Term Goal Planning 21.1 Goals Summary & Challenges 2Goal 1 2Goal 2 3Goal 3 41.2 S.M.A.R.T Goals 51.3 Goal Template 112.0: Self Assessment 112.1 Self Employability Skills Template 122.2 Skills & Abilities required for my career industry 143.0: Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Audit 143.1 Singapore ESS Framework Research 153.2 Current Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Audit 203.3 Gaps and Solutions to ESS Competencies 223.4 Capabilities to develop 233.5 Conclusion 244.0: References 244.1 Books 254.2 Websites 1.0: Long Term Goal Planning1.1 Goals Summary & ChallengesGoal 1As satisfied workers and good manager/employee communication are vital to the success ...view middle of the document...

Challenges: There may be times where I will feel the urge to overspend during the events of sales or when I am tired of eating home-made meals, strong determination is the key to eliminate these negative thoughts.Goal 3I will need to attain this goal annually. As I failed my last Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT), I will have to start training again. Training will be increasing my overall body fitness, decrease the chances of falling sick (Selfgrowth 2007) and by getting a gold standard will entitles me an award of $400 which can be added to my savings for my retirement as stated in goal 2.Challenges: I need to be careful not to overexert myself due to intensive training. Prevent training sessions from colliding with school assignments or work.1.2 S.M.A.R.T GoalsThere is a relationship between how difficult and specific a goal was and people's performance of a task. Specific and difficult goals led to better task performance than vague or easy goals. Locke's research emphasizes the usefulness of SMART goal setting, and it influences the way we set and measure performance today.S.M.A.R.T can be defined as: (Timethoughts 2008)Specific - Clear and specific goal statement of what we want. Without one, our success mechanism lies dormant.Measurable - Making goals measurable helps us see our progress, recognize if we are moving in the right direction, and see how far we still need to go.Achievable - Goal should be achievable, we can have a reasonable expectation of achieving it.Realistic - Actions associated with our goal are things that we can do.Time-Bound - Establishing a clear deadline for goals adds an element of urgency and motivation.1.3 Goal Template
GOAL 1 : To upgrade my skills & knowledge in the fields of human resource which can help me in my career performance by 2011






Take on Human Resource as a minor in my fifth semester and pass with at least a distinction.

Jul 2008 to Nov 2008


Self & Degree Results


Research on institutions in Singapore that provide further part time human resource courses and the program fees

May 2009

Internet, Brochures

Consult Friends, Parents, Relatives


Proceed with enrolling into Bachelor of Commerce (MGT & HRM) part time program while working.

Jun 2009

Singapore Human Resource Institute



Attend classes regularly and passing exams with at least a distinction through regular revision.

Aug 2009 to Aug 2011

Singapore Human Resource Institute

Self Organizer


Increase interaction with classmates to exchange different ideas in the field of human resource learning.

Aug 2009 to Aug 2011

Skype, MSN, Email

Friends, Self, Colleagues


Assisting in interviews conducted to gain more practi...

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