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Ney 1Smith NeyMr. SutterfieldCollege Composition2 September 2014Google PaperIn "Is Google Making us Stupid," Nicholas Carr argues that ones abilities to focus and think critically are being hindered; the Internet appears to be the cause. He illustrates that people's concentration and contemplation is diminishing, while showing the effects of the Internet on peoples mind. Carr displays reasons that people today are losing the concentration they need or had. He also feels their contemplation is weakening due to the Internet, and demonstrates the effects of the Internet on people today.Early in the article, Carr talks about how the Internet is a resource disposable to anyone for anything. He tells the readers that their minds are being compromised to a more impatient and more dependent thinker. The Internet gives people faster and more efficient ...view middle of the document...

With this artificial brain, people today could think like a computer and would not have to take time to read, but instead would get more answers than ever before and would be much quicker than human brains.Contemplation is to look at something considerately for a long period of time. In today's world, contemplation is a big characteristic many people are losing. Carr argues the Internet is the reason for this loss because of the effortless answers we can receive in seconds. However he also tells us we can train our brains to act as they were before. The deep reading people used to do is becoming less and less because of the Internet. Carr tells his readers technology is the thing to blame for the distractions in our lives. He explains using the research from the University College London that people today choose to skim over the reading, or just look for the answers on the Internet, instead of actually reading the article. The mechanical clock is another example he uses to emphasize how our brains can get accustom to certain things. In this example, Carr shows everyone how the clock overcame a human's natural instinct, and the clock decided when humans should wake up, eat, and work. These examples support Carr's argument about peoples loss of contemplation could be true and people could be relying heavily on todays technology. The Internet is harmful to people's mind according to the author of, " Is Google Making us Stupid," Nicholas Carr. He expresses how it has not only changed the way we think, but also the way we live our lives. Some people feel as if they are living out a scripted life. Carr uses first hand accounts, university studies, and many more ways to show how he is not the only person who feels they are losing skills they previously had. The technology available today is almost endless and almost any answer is just a click away. People everywhere are starting to rely more and more on technology and the Internet for all of their answers, making technology the center points of their lives.

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