Goverment Policies And Development, Ndp And Sustainable Development University Of Johneesburg Essay

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Today, government policies and programmes play a significant role in improving the standard of living and economic growth in the country without compromising the ability of the upcoming future generations to meet their own needs. Without a policy there can be no government, policies capture the intentions of the government and measure the achievement of the government. It is important for the government policies to be aligned with the goals of sustainable development in order the human development goals can be achieved without undermining the ability of natural systems to supply the ecosystem services and natural resources upon which the country rely on (Alfred 2010:20)
In this case this essay will start by defining the key concepts which will be used throughout the whole essay, namely, sustainable development, policy, strategy, government programmes and government to make the essay easy to understand. Therefore this essay will clarify sustainable development in details, furthermore this essay will discuss the five Millennium Development goals and the five sustainable development goals, furthermore this essay explain the South African National Development Plan; Vision 2030 as well as its objectives, lastly this essay will conclude by summarising every content of the whole essay.
This sections will explain key terms which will be used throughout the whole essay in order this essay can be easy to understand.
2.1 Government
According to Karos (2015) states that government is a body of officials that work together to effectively and successfully guide a unit or society. One thing government does is set and administer policy. They use customs, laws, and institutions to exercise political, executive, and sovereign power with the intent of managing a state of wellbeing that benefits all aspects of the community or unit.
2.2 Government Programmes
According to Karos (2015) state that Government programmes refer to schemes that benefits the people of the country across various sectors, and can be in a wide range of subjects from subsidy. A government of the country works for its people. So it identifies the key area where it should involve itself so that its people are better off, it meet their needs through programmes which addresses certain issues.
2.3 Sustainable development
According to Simon and Peter (2012:45) states that sustainable development refer to the development that meet the needs and challenges of the present society, without compromising the needs which need to be met by the upcoming future generations. Sustainable development it is an approach to development that looks to balance different, and often competing, needs against an awareness of the environment, social and economic limitations we face today.
2.4 Government policy
According to Simon et al (2012:45) state that a policy refer to a principle rule or course of action proposed and need to be implemented by the governing body. A policy tend to...

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