Grade 9 Cosmetology Review Notes - Cosmetology - Review Paper

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Cosmo Test - Shampooing
Parts of a blow dryer.
- Slotted nozzle
- Heating element
- Small fan
- Controls
- Handle
- Plug
Two methods of blow drying hair:
1. Force dry styling: which is the most common involves hair being forced into
the direction of the style
2. Form dry styling: is when the hair is dried around a form such as round brush
to create new styles
Rules for blow dry styling:
1. Always shampoo to ensure the hair is free of dirt and oils
2. Towel dry to remove excess moisture
3. Apply styling aids - mousse, gel, etc
4. Hand dry the hair with the blow dryer to remove further moisture
5. Start styling the hair from a dampened state at the underneath section
6. Work neatly section by section, blowing the hair from the roots to the ends
7. Volume is determined by what angle the hair is being dried at
8. Keep the blow dryer and the brush moving at all times. The dryer always
follows the brush
9. Blow dry until the hair is completely dry
Wet hair services:
1. Never work on a client you may suspect has a parasitic infection
2. Never work on a client if you have a parasitic infection
3. Wash your hands prior to beginning client service (and after)
4. Ensure the floor around your work area is dry and free of debris
5. Only use electrical equipment that has been CSA approved
6. Do not use electrical equipment that has frayed cords
7. When using a blow dryer or hot iron or hot iron, don’t use metal implements
8. When using a blow dryer, keep it moving at all times to prevent burning the
9. Ensure hair is completely dry before using the hot iron
10. Never allow the curling iron to touch the client’s scalp
11. Replace all equipment in the equipment holder when you are not using it. Do
not lay hot irons or dryers on the counter
Draping and shampooing:
1. Clients top must be tucked in, so it doesn’t get wet
2. Always get freshly cleaned towels and capes on each client
3. The towel should be wrapped around the neck, so that the collar doesn’t come
in contact with the neck
4. Ensure client is seated correctly and comfortable in the shampoo chair (this
will change depending on the style of the chair in your salon)
5. Check the water to ensure it is warm and not hot or cold.
6. Thoroughly wet hair, being sure not to get the clients face and ears wet
7. Apply shampoo - a small amount in the palm of the hand, work into lather
8. Rinse thoroughly, repeat 7, rinse and apply finishing rinse
9. Wrap towel around clients hair so that water drip on the client, floor, etc
10. Replace towel if necessary, wipe sink and counter area free of excess water
Safety Precautions:
1. Clean up spilled water IMMEDIATELY
2. Do not use your fingernails to massage the scalp
3. ALWAYS keep a check on the water temperature
4. Clean up!
Things to Know:
Trichology - The study of the hair
Places that don’t have hair - palms of the hand, soles of the feet, lips, and eyelids
2 parts of the hair divided - Above = shaft, beneath = root
Follicle - The tube like depression, or poc...

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