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Graded unit 2
Development Stage
Ruth Nugent 2AB
About Collegare 3
Introduction 3
Research 3
Advertising Proposal 4
Introduction 4
Objectives 4
Target audience 4
Consumer profile 5
Proposition 5
Media 6
Print 6
Outdoor 7
Media schedule 8
Budget 8
Timescale 8
Evaluation 9
Public Relations Proposal 9
Introduction 9
PR objectives 9
Proposition 9
PR tools 10
PR media 11
Media 12
Media contacts 12
Budget 13
Timescale 13
Evaluation 13
Integration 13
Appendix 14
About Collegare
At Collegare, we connect you and your audience. We are an innovative, forward thinking advertising and PR agency based in Glasgow.
This report will include a brief summary of the market research done in the planning stage as well as the advertising and public relations proposals for the four-month summer campaign.
The campaign objective for the four-month campaign, which was lead out by the brief, is to increase footfall in the Glasgow cafes during the quieter, summer months.
The infographics below highlight the most important points gathered from the secondary research. In order to gather all the necessary information to construct advertising and PR proposals I have carried out a focus group of 6 participants who are Social Bite customers. (See appendix 1 for transcript). The focus group met the research objectives of testing out possible campaign themes and why these participants chose Social Bite over competitors. The results are that the target market are comfortable using QR codes and would be ‘intrigued’ and scan a code if they saw it on a plain advertisement. Both Social Bite cafes are close to the business hub of Glasgow and results from the focus group suggest that the majority of participants go to Social Bite because its close to their office and the only healthy option. The young professionals said they brought in their own lunches but for a ‘treat’ they’d do out at the weekend to grab something from Social Bite.
Advertising Proposal
The four-month advertising campaign is will begin May 1st and end August 20th . From the research gathered in planning stage I have constructed an advertising proposal to meet the overall campaign objective of increasing footfall into the Glasgow cafes during the summer months.
· To increase sales by 25% by the end of the campaign
· To increase campaign exposure to primary target audience within the first month of the campaign
· To increase brand awareness to secondary target audience within the four month campaign
· To increase the use of QR codes from the advertising materials used within the campaign
Target audience
· 18-35 age group
· Medium income
· 60:40 male:female
· In a relationship/married
· Office workers
· Works in Glasgow city centre
· Lives in Glasgow or surrounding areas
The primary target market for this campaign are young professionals, business employees, and students aged between 18-35 years old. Office-goers who are looking for healthy food, which is not ...

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