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ENG2DB: Great Expectations
Please answer the questions on separate paper if you are writing the answers by hand.
1. At the beginning of Chapter 6, why does Pip feel bad?
At the beginning of Chapter 6, Pip feels bad because he does not confess to Joe
about his robbery because he was afraid Joe would think less of him. So
instead of telling Joe the truth and be clean, he chooses to protect his protect
his reputation in front of Joe.
2. Why doesn’t Pip feel ashamed for stealing Mrs. Joe’s food when he does feel
guilty for not telling the truth to Joe? 

Pip does not feel ashamed for stealing Mrs. Joe’s food because he thinks that
the convict needs it or he will die of hunger, Pip steel the food not for himself,
but out of his sympathy and kind heart. However, he does feel guilty for not
telling the truth to Joe because he think that he"was too cowardly to do what I
knew to be right, as I had been too cowardly to avoid what I knew to be
wrong”. He is also feeling bad to let the convict take responsibilities for his
robbery and he will not even confess to his closest friend-Joe.
3. What does Mr. Pumblechook make of the news that a convict had stolen the
food? What does his explanation reveal about him? 

Mr. Pumblechook make a rope using his bedding cut into strips and let himself
down the kitchen chimney. He is trying to mock how he thinks the convict
stole the food. His explanation reveal about him that he is careless and
arrogant, since he is kind of making fun of Pip’s family.
4. Pip says he was to be apprenticed to Joe. What is an apprenticeship? 

An apprenticeship is a training program where a young person is paired with a
tradesman to learn the trade. So if Pip is to be apprenticed to Joe, he gets
trained to be a black smith.
5. Where does Pip get his education? In what ways does the author satirize public

Pip get his education in the evening school of Mr. Wopsle's great-aunt. Dickens
satirizes public education by describing that the students are charged twopence
per week, but the great-aunt fa...

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