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Robby 1
Robby Anderson
Mrs. Alvey
Junior English
10 May 2018
The Automobile Part of the American Dream
Some like cars, some like trucks one believes everyone has a hidden love for Automobile.
After reading the text The Great Gatsby, By F. Scott Fitzgerald I will be considering this topic, the
car is a symbol of the American dream and always will be because, first off, if you have an
automobile it gives you a higher social status, Second, having a nicer automobile shows you are
wealthy, last but not least, the automobile is part of American history.
Owning an automobile makes you have a social status that you are cooler than the rest,
while you are in high school. Your main goal is to get an automobile so you don't have to ride the
bus. This bus is annoying and is very loud. If you own a car you get home faster, you don't have
to eat the nasty school food you can drive places for lunch. You are considered cooler if you don't
have to walk to the bus and get on it at the end of the day. You get to walk to the parking lot and
go get into your car. If you own a 15 year old ford pickup truck and your neighbor owns a 2 year
old BMW your neighbor would have a higher social status than you. In most big cities most
people don't care to have a vehicle they walk or bike around. It is cheaper and easier to get around.
When there is a lot of traffic the bikes can go right past everybody. Get right to the front of the
traffic. In most cities people don't see you differently if you own one or not but if you ever want
to go anywhere past a 50-mile radius you couldn't you would only have a bike, but if you had a
car you could go anywhere you wanted to pretty effortlessly. You wouldn't have to be exhausted
Robby 2
when you get to work because biked up those two really big his on the way to work. Owning a car
is a huge advantage when it comes to traveling or even going to see your family that lives 10 miles
away in the next town. You wouldn't have to waste a bunch of time to go see your family on the
travel over you can just jump in your car and drive for 15 minutes and you are there.
Having a newer/nice automobile show that you are wealthy or the illusion of wealth. Every
celebrity has at least one nice car, they have money so they buy the hottest, meanest, strongest,
most expensive cars they can because they like to show off that they have money. What better way
to show it off than driving down the street in your hot new car. For the wealthy Americans in The
Great Gatsby, By Fitzgerald F. Scott. The car was treated as a necessity. Proof that they'd attained
the American dream and they had the money to do and get what they wanted. Automobiles...

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