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My heart became darker because of that," said Grendel when he first realized that he was immune to all weapons (p. 76). Throughout Grendel, by John Gardner, one can see that all of Grendel's actions are caused by several motives. Many things influenced Grendel's life but the most important were his habitat, his appearance, and his emotions.Grendel spent most of his time alone. He lived in a dark cave under water. Before he went up for the first time, he played with "imaginary friends" (p. 17). He had no one to talk to; and one can see that when he appeared for the first time at Hrothgar's meadhall. During this visit he said, "Why can't I have someone to talk to?" (P. 53). He realized that all the people; even the Shaper and Hrothgar had someone to talk to. These were some of the things that contributed the most towards Grendel's violent actions.Even though Grendel's habitat influenced his actions, his appearance also contributed towards it. Not only the other persons thought that Grendel was ugly, but even Grendel thought this. When Hrothgar saw Grendel for the first time, he thought that Grendel was "some beastlike fungus" (p. 24). And when Grendel was trapped between two branches, and he thought that he was going to die he said that he was "an ugly god pitifully dying in a tree!" (p. 22). His repulsing appearance also played a major role in Grendel's actions.All of these things affected both Grendel's mind and emotions. He changed his mind several times in a very short period of time. One can see this when he first wanted to kill the queen, and then he changed his mind. Grendel was also very confused because he didn't know why he existed or why he was there. Even when he was listening to the Shaper's song, Grendel "believed him," and he thought that he was a descendant of Cain. His lack of sense, and direction was also one of the factors which made Grendel act violent.Since his habitat, his appearance, and his emotions were either distorted or obscure, Grendel had a violent nature. His heart was "dark". And one can see this when Grendel was talking to the dragon. The dragon called him his "violent friend" (p. 74). Even Grendel said, "blood-lust and rage are my character" (p. 123).


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582 words - 3 pages Rios 2 Isabella Rios Mrs.Smith ENGL 12 Honors 17/10/2016 Beowulf v. Grendel The battle between Beowulf and Grendel has taken an epic role in this poem. The Great Beowulf who is admired for his exceptionally big courage. This brawl has shown how situations can take a major turn of events, throughout this event a couple of Beowulf’s men begin attacking Grendel, very few succeed. As Grendel becomes more anxious he begins to feel very threatened

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875 words - 4 pages Figueiredo, 1 Anthony Figueiredo Dr. Mendenhall English 12 18 October 2018 Epic Hero Beowulf What Man defeats two monsters and a dragon with little to no armor or help? The Beowulf novel was translated by Burton Raffel. A general synopsis of the poem; King Hrothgar’s people were being attacked by Grendel. Beowulf, wanting fame and treasure, defeats Grendel with his bare hands. Grendel’s mother is aggravated and wants to avenge Grendel’s death

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449 words - 2 pages salutes him. As he comes into Hrothgar's presence he greets the king with utmost respect. "Hail Hrothgar" (lines 220)! If Beowulf did not observe Hrothgar as a leader of the Danes then he would not have said, "Hail Hrothgar!", he might have just said, hello.Beowulf demonstrates bravery as he is ready to fight Grendel. For instance, "Out from the marsh, from the foot of the misty hills and bogs, bearing God's hatred, Grendel came, hoping to kill anyone

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1004 words - 5 pages Beowulf, shows Christian morals, Pagan traditions, and the syncretism in which Christianity ultimately dominates, while Pagan values diminishes. The appearance of Christianity in Beowulf is alluded within the relationship between Beowulf and Grendel. Beginning with Grendel referencing the evil force; Satan. “Conceived by a pair of these monsters born of Cain, murderous creature banished by God,” (Line 105-107) Cain the firstborn, is a biblical

Works representing Anglo-Saxon people and their society; works included as i.e.'s: Beowulf, A History of the English Church and People and Seafarer

478 words - 2 pages Society of a Different TimeMany works of Literature represent people and their society of that era. Beowulf, A History of the English Church and People and Seafarer does this by representing Anglo-Saxon people and their society.One quality in this era that seems to be respected by society is fearing God and showing respect for him. In Beowulf, Grendel shows respect to God. "Though he lived In Herot, when the night hid him, He never Dared to

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955 words - 4 pages Free person or thing indirectly 1. Beowulf shows that he is a classic hero by being loyal, brave, having honor and by putting his life on the line for the greater good. This is evident when he says “I would rather not/ use a weapon if I knew another way to grapple with the dragon.../ as I did against Grendel.../ so I go forth in mail-shirt and shield.” He knew that he would most likely die in the battle against the dragon so he decided to go into battle

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1296 words - 6 pages the seventh century. In Beowulf, many themes stem from the fables written in the Old Testament, but also pagan beliefs of monsters and demons fall into place. I believe that the poem Beowulf is a pagan work with Christian elements added, some other people believe it is the opposite. In the epic poem, the character, Grendel, is being referred as a descendant of Cain, there is a reference to the Great Flood, and there's countless references to God

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399 words - 2 pages The folk epic Beowulf reflects many Anglo-Saxon values. The Anglo-Saxon epic stresses the physical world, fairness, boasting, love of glory, belief in wyrd, deep sense of loyalty to the tribe and the tribal leader, and the importance of generosity and bravery.The Anglo-Saxon value of fairness is reflected by Beowulf. He asks Hrothgar the favor of fighting alone with Grendel with only the help of his men, as stated in this line, "That this one

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1500 words - 6 pages major qualities of an epic poem are actions of the hero; impact a nation, supernatural beings and long journeys, and hero performs courageous deeds. In the beginning of the poem, we get to learn where beowulf is from which is Sweden or better known as the Geats and how he hears about a city that is in danger, which is Denmark. He hears how the king of Denmark, Hrothgar is having trouble with a big monster called Grendel and is killing Hrothgar’s

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676 words - 3 pages Israel Gonzalez Beowulf Beowulf is a poem that its first printed edition was back in 1815, and is apparently approximately 1000 years old.It is said to be the oldest surviving epic poem in old english.This epic poem is about Beowulf and his journey to glory and his victory over the three monsters D'Grth, Grendel, and Grendel's mother. Grendel and his mother were both demons while D'Grth was a dragon. This is basically the framework for most

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378 words - 2 pages Unferth, though, when Unferth sees that Beowulf is capable of killing Grendel. Unferth’s mind changes because Beowulf becomes famous to him like “the river is famous to the fish” (1). Unferth is the real fool for not trusting Beowulf’s vigor and power.The last point made in the poem “Famous” is the most profound comparison to the story of Beowulf. The poem says, “I want to be famous in the way that the pulley is

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700 words - 3 pages Free challenges he faces in order to show his bravery. Beowulf is not a mere human being, he is a god compared to men. He has incredible powers both physically and mentally when it comes to fighting. This is shown in the first fight scene when Grendel, “the captain of evil discovered himself in a handgrip harder than anything he had ever encountered in any man" (1023). Beowulf is so incredibly strong that even Grendel, the monster that an entire town

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945 words - 4 pages best swords fails to hold his strength. However despite their difference, both heroes have same flaw- that they are too prideful of themselves. And as Odysseus’s pride brought him painful challenges, Beowulf also encounters harder situation due to his flaw. Beowulf is first called out for a journey when he hears that Hrothgar is troubled by Grendel, a treacherous monster who comes over to Heorot and eats warriors. Despite everyone’s worries and

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626 words - 3 pages begins to boast and brag about his previous battles, as if to say he is better than everyone else. Another example is later on in the story when Beowulf kills Grendel and hangs his bloody arm over the Hall for everyone to see. Seeing how they had perfect physiques and were loud, cocky, and selfish, those things are not needed by today's heroes and some of these more barbaric qualities are even discouraged by today's society. In current time heroes

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598 words - 3 pages , builds this to represent how great of a king he is and all the good deeds that he has done. Then when Grendel comes and tears the hall into pieces, this hurts the image of the king. Since the mead-hall is a representation of the king it makes him look weak. If Hrothgar cannot protect the center of his kingdom, then how is he going to look after his entire kingdom? In Beowulf, the cultural treasure was very important to the people represented in the