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Mandeep Singh
Trophy hunting
Yukon is the land of first nation community where hunting is the main souse of food however the excess of grizzly trophy hunting in Yukon have brought people’s attention towards prohibition on grizzly hunting. The killing of hundreds of grizzly and interference in their natural habitat could lead to the disappearance of grizzly bears in the Yukon. Trophy hunting provides long term effects on culture and tradition, natural habitat of animals and wildlife due to the fact that a lot of steps are taken in order to conserve the wild life in Yukon and considering the cultural and traditional rights of Yukon indigenous people for hunting.
First and foremost, Hunting is most common activity in the world. The art of hunting in the blood of Yukon First nation people has been around since the beginning of time. They hunt majority of animals for survival including grizzly bear. The grizzly bears play a vital role in indigenous culture. First nation people have a deep connection with grizzly and from the dawn of there life they respect these giant animals because these animals provide them food. They used to worship the bears and give respect by doing a lot of things for example According to Clark & Slocombe (2009). “everybody left the river by the afternoon cause the morning was the people time and the afternoon and evening was the bear’s turn to fish” It means first nation people used to give a personal time to animals and they respect their habitants. However, the trophy hunting gave stunning effects on Yukon first nation people’s culture. Hunter meant to kill animals for trophy hunting to get rewards leave the whole body of animals after gun fire which is culturally wrong for indigenous people. People used to hunt for survival but because of trophy hunting food is being waste. Desjardins. L. (2017) found that “the government of the British Columbia has banned hunting the bear, except for a limited harvest by Indigenous peoples. First Nations have treaty rights to hunt for food, social or ceremonial purposes.” For the sake of the culture of first nation people Canada government don’t stop indigenous community to hunt grizzly for food but trophy hunting indeed give huge effect on the culture of people.
Secondly, Trophy hunting creates an imbalance in the natural elements of the environment If a predator, like wolves or grizzly bears, are hunted to hither numbers, then it will be a reason of imbalance in food circle. Our Nature has a graceful balance and hunting can be a reason of unbalance of environment. Yukon is a tourist place where people come for fun and hunting because it is the best place for hunting but because of trophy hunting many animals were in the edge of extinction. Because of trophy hunting many animals face difficulties in giving birth to new animals due to the fact that some time female animals are killed and that affect in the number of births of new animals.
Lastly, Thousands of...

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