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Group Effectiveness In Communication Essay

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I am a member of several groups. After finally having the opportunity to read the information provided in the text, I have come to understand on a much deeper level what is truly involved in and considered as effective group communication. Prior to today, when I was not able to put my hands on a copy of the text, I would have classified all of my groups' communications as effective. Chapter 4 has forced me to reassess this opinion and has made me come to see things that I was not aware that I was even overlooking. Overall, I have come to appreciate more than ever my chosen group, and the potential and benefits that a strong leader can bring to a group, as well as to me personally.My chosen ...view middle of the document...

Thus, most of the members on my team have a somewhat synchronous understanding of each other in relation to messages sent and received to and from one another.While there have been some discrepancies in communication, I have been witness to few instances in which one's non-verbal cues were not in congruence with their verbally communicated ideas. However, there have been instances in which a lack of proper feedback resulted in miscommunication. In my own experience, this was extremely frustrating and completely unnecessary, not to mention a little unfair. Nothing much seems to get accomplished in this type of situation. As said in the text, feedback is an all important dimension in effective communication:"Ask for feedback concerning the way your messages are being received. To communicate effectively, you must be aware of how the receiver is interpreting and processing your messages. The only way to be sure is to continually seek feedback about what meanings the receiver is attaching to your messages (Johnson & Johnson, p. 141)""The skills involved in receiving messages focus on giving feedback about the reception and the message in ways that clarify and aid continued discussion(Johnson & Johnson p.141)".Another reason I feel my group to be effective coincides with Bale's equilibrium theory. We have a job to do, which can be hard...

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