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I am a member of several groups. After finally having the opportunity to read the information provided in the text, I have come to understand on a much deeper level what is truly involved in and considered as effective group communication. Prior to today, when I was not able to put my hands on a copy of the text, I would have classified all of my groups' communications as effective. Chapter 4 has forced me to reassess this opinion and has made me come to see things that I was not aware that I was even overlooking. Overall, I have come to appreciate more than ever my chosen group, and the potential and benefits that a strong leader can bring to a group, as well as to me personally.My cho ...view middle of the document...

Thus, most of the members on my team have a somewhat synchronous understanding of each other in relation to messages sent and received to and from one another.While there have been some discrepancies in communication, I have been witness to few instances in which one's non-verbal cues were not in congruence with their verbally communicated ideas. However, there have been instances in which a lack of proper feedback resulted in miscommunication. In my own experience, this was extremely frustrating and completely unnecessary, not to mention a little unfair. Nothing much seems to get accomplished in this type of situation. As said in the text, feedback is an all important dimension in effective communication:"Ask for feedback concerning the way your messages are being received. To communicate effectively, you must be aware of how the receiver is interpreting and processing your messages. The only way to be sure is to continually seek feedback about what meanings the receiver is attaching to your messages (Johnson & Johnson, p. 141)""The skills involved in receiving messages focus on giving feedback about the reception and the message in ways that clarify and aid continued discussion(Johnson & Johnson p.141)".Another reason I feel my group to be effective coincides with Bale's equilibrium theory. We have a job to do, which can be h...


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2541 words - 11 pages gestures communication will be effective and positive. Verbal communication by managers is trainings, presentations, group meetings, performance appraisals, and one-on-one discussions. Great speech techniques can help develop an atmosphere of confidence, interest, and overall effectiveness. Managers conducting meetings, conferences, presentations, and trainings can aid in the communication process. If these are used effectively, they can help with

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1417 words - 6 pages 1 A STUDENT’S ANALYSIS OF “ORGANIZATIONAL EFFECTIVEN A Student’s Analysis of “Organizational Effectiveness as a Function of Employee Engagement” Anthony W. Mills ORG502 – Effective Organizations: Theory and Practice Colorado State University – Global Campus John Johnson March 25, 2018 A Student’s Analysis of “Organizational Effectiveness as a Function of Employee Engagement” In an initial course toward a postgraduate degree in Human Resource

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1285 words - 6 pages times because other issues might get in the way like: egos, productivity, etc. In order for teams to be effective they have to first share a common goal. Harrison states that QWL, quality of life, and well being plays an important part in group work. (citation needed) This can be important if divisions differ substantially from one another. The critical aspects of individual and group effectiveness for diagnosis depend on the primary problems and

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1440 words - 6 pages good idea to try and develop the rules as a group rather than have them imposed.3. Ask Questions: When you don't understand something or want to know why someone has behaved in a certain way, simply ask. Asking questions stops you making assumptions, shows the questioned you did not understand them and helps build up your bank of intercultural knowledge.4. Respect: The foundation of all intercultural communication is respect. By demonstrating

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901 words - 4 pages means of communication is actually listening. Listening is very important because without it, you will not have effective communication.Effectiveness and EfficiencyOrganizations will excel in their respective industries if they are highly effective and efficient with their processes. Something that organizations can do to help improve overall effectiveness or efficiency is to conduct a kaizen. Kaizen is a Japanese term that means to take something

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718 words - 3 pages effectiveness Uses planning and processing skills to generate ideas and gather and organize information on chosen topic with considerable effectiveness Uses planning and processing skills to generate ideas and gather and organize information on chosen topic with thorough effectiveness Communication WRITTEN: Expresses and organizes ideas in a clear and logical order, and uses appropriate conventions ORAL: Clear voice, maintained eye contact


781 words - 4 pages Free EFFECTIVENESS 3 collaborate and participate in order to increase employee engagement; ultimately people form the backbone of any organization. Organizational communications and employee engagement serves as a foundation for the previously listed themes. An organizational strategy is clearly communicated, a culture and leaderships style that encourages open communication and engagement, the flexibility needed to deal with changing conditions, and people

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1401 words - 6 pages Free Intercultural Public Relations"If we are to attempt to understand the world in the new century, we cannot but come to grips with the concept of globalization."(Appelbaum & Robinson, 2005, p. xi)Culture is central to public relations as a communications profession, and to quote Edward Hall's (1959) often cited statement: "Culture is communication and Communication is culture". Culture is not something that is exotic or "out there" but is a

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1537 words - 7 pages , individuals are inputs into creating a successful team which is clearly identified within the management of Virgin group of companies. Stages of development and task roles influence the effectiveness of groups. Discuss how the various roles and stage of development are apparent and influence outcomes within the Virgin group of companies. Stages of development and task roles play a vital part in portraying a communicative, functional and productive

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2855 words - 12 pages Free takes place within the work group is a major source for the members of the group for expressing certain feelings such as of frustration and satisfaction. Communication in this context in the organizations provides a means to the employees to express their emotions and feelings.* InformationCommunication is basic means for the exchange of information in organizations and our daily lives. This information can be exchanged through formal communication

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1857 words - 8 pages Leadership in health and social care, level 5. Unit 1 Assignment: Use and develop systems that promote communication. 1.1 Review the range of groups and individuals whose communication needs must be addressed in own job role. I work directly with service users, families and relatives, employer and colleagues. I work indirectly with other health care professionals and external agencies to provide the care that service user’s needs. Therefore, a

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2903 words - 12 pages Introduction to Business Management & Organizational Behaviour Students: Instructor: Date Submitted: Table of Contents Explain in detail how the theories relating to communication in general and more specifically to non-verbal communication, impact the effectiveness of electronic communication (i.e. email, text, etc.) as a communication medium within organizations 3 The top four complaints in spite of the wonders of email 4 Describe

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366 words - 2 pages /SpeechPublic communication is the process of generating meanings in a situation where a single source transmits a message to a number of receivers who give nonverbal and sometimes, question-and-answer feedback-the source adapts the message to the audience in an attempt to achieve maximum understanding-this communication is recognized by its formality, structure, and planningSpeaking Up At a MeetingSmall Group Communication is the interaction of a

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1128 words - 5 pages solely focused on financial criteria to select ERP software from the four choices. Cost reductions were mostly quantifiable and easy to present. Non-financial criteria like strategic benefits such as easier communication were hard to calculate and to include in the decision making process.Consider most important for LS Group:We would consider financial criteria as the most important for LS Group. Their current situation of having just made small

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1571 words - 7 pages , support, and encourage team communication and coordination, these teams work together and leverage everyone’s individual strengths to complete tasks and achieve desired results. Motivation Motivating members by finding ways to make everyone feel included, such as involving them in decision-making, showing them how their work is contributing to the larger picture and recognizing and celebrating team achievements and successes. Autonomy