Group Research Project Experience Paper Guidelines Washington College Research Paper

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Pengqi Geng
April Wang
Professor John Hepler
English 102
29 December 2016
Green- Bake ham, Red- April, black-Jack
Group Presentation
The essay we selected is Is Google Making Us Stupid? (Carr,2008). Our group “Xiangbabang” is including three students, Jack, April and Beckham and we also divided the group work into three parts. April is in charge of present the Essay Theme, Beckham is in charge of the Discussion of Essay part and Jack is in charge of all of the rest work including the Biological Review part, class activity part, reference part, organizing PPT and correcting mistakes.
“We got a team!” I feel very happy that April, Jack and me considered as a team, we will prepare for our first group presentation in a few weeks, and also this is our first coop, we are feel nervous and not know each other at that time.
This is our first after class meeting, we decide our first meeting in the library which can help us give each other some ideas about making presentation and can divide works into three pieces. We choose Jack for our leader and he did his job very well, he summarizes professor’s words in the class and told us which we need to pay attention.
As mentioned before, Jack and us divided work into three parts. After the meeting in the library, we prepared our works individually. Also, we created a group chat in Wechat because it’s easier for us to communicate with each other when we find the problems during the process of preparing.
Everyone in our group is responsible and intelligence. We only meet twice for the group project and we got it done in one day. So that we had much more time to...

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