Gryphon Plot Characters And Setting English Essay

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26 AUG 2018
1. In classical mythology, a gryphon is a monster that has the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion. Why is this story called Grryphon?
Because the teacher Miss Ferenczis teaching method is a combination of real facts and some things that are not real she utilizes the schools lesson plans and a bit of her own story telling to teach her students.
2. Describe Miss Ferenczis physical appearance. Why is her appearance important to the story? How does it change as the story progress?
Fine light hair done up in a chignon and she wore gold rimmed glasses with a faint blue tint with two prominent lines descending vertically from the side of her face. Her appearance is important to the story because she seems to be strict at the first moment when she first gathers the boy to settle for lecture. However, she reveals her sweet side when choosing to have lunch with the kids. She first had an elegant chignon, and then on the second day her clothes were bright green blouse and pink scarf with her hair done in pigtails held by red rubber bands. Last, she goes to school with her hair hung straight down and seemed hardly to have been combed.
3. How is Miss Ferenczis different from other teachers? From other substitute teachers? From other people in general? How is her differentness communicated to her pupils to the storys readers?
She brings the first thoughts of philosophy, and really challenges to students to try to
dechiper fantasy from reality. It makes the both the readers and the characters question
her sanity.
4. What is the significance of the narrator’s comment in paragraph 11, that the lines on Miss Ferenczis face remind him of Pinocchio?
Because she had two prominent lines descending vertically from the sides of her mouth to her chin, and on top of that all the mysterious and mythical stories she is telling.
5. Is Miss Ferenczis a round or a flat character? Explain
I believe she is a flat character. While we know simple facts about her, that's all we
know. We know she likes to tell stories, and that she dresses funny, and...

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