"Guilty Pleasures" By Laurell K. Hamilton As Compared To The Buffy The Vampire Slayer Tv Show. Includes Synopsis Of The Book

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"Guilty Pleasures" by Laurell K. Hamilton as compared toBuffy the Vampire Slayer Anita Blake in an animator. She raises the dead, and occasionally puts them back. Vampire slaying is something she does on the side. In the world of Guilty Pleasures, vampires are no big secret. Their existence is well-known, and the United States is one of few countries in which vampirism is legal. A recent attraction in St. Louis is a place called the District, a vampire hotspot which attracts tourists from all over. The District is home to Guilty Pleasures, the world's only vampire strip club. In a world in which vampires do not have to hide, a wide array of mixed feelings exist. The book op ...view middle of the document...

The performance ends with a vampire coming out and, violently, drinking from Phillip.Anita's disturbed by what she's seen, and relieved when she gets paged by the police for an incident at the cemetery involving ghouls which have ripped apart a body in a normally ghoulless cemetery. When she's done there, she goes back to Guilty Pleasures to pick up Catherine and Monica, since she was their designated driver for the night. The vampire on the stage when Anita goes in to get them is Aubrey, who tries to enthrall Anita and almost succeeds. Aubrey hates it when fight him. He attacks Anita in the middle of the club and Jean-Claude has to step in to prevent them from killing each other. Jean-Claude ushers them offstage, revealing that the bachelorette party was just a ploy to get Anita where they could talk to her - Monica was employed the vampires, and Catherine was leverage. Since Catherine had been enthralled by Aubrey, an irrevocable link had been created between them. They tell Anita that if she doesn't do as they say, Catherine will die. Anita follows the vampires to an old hotel, further provoking Aubrey as she goes. Eventually, she pushes him a little too far and he knocks her unconscious. When she wakes, she is nauseous and concussed. Jean-Claude does something to "help" her - he shares his life force with her, taking the first steps to make her a human servant. This gives Anita immunity to a vampire's gaze, and makes it harder for them to play mind tricks on her. Anita is kept in a dungeon in Nikolaos's beneath a macabre carnival called the Circus of the Damned, waiting for Nikolaos, the Master of the City, to summon her. While down there, Nikolaos sends wererats to frighten Anita before their meeting, but the Rat King intervenes, having forbidden his people to do Nikolaos's bidding. Eventually, Jean-Claude fetches Anita for Nikolaos. Nikolaos was only twelve or thirteen when she died, but that was more than a thousand years ago. After frightening Anita into silence (a rare state for her), she tells that their have been six more vampire murders of which the police don't know about. The police only know of four. Nikolaos has a witness to one of the murders - a man who was killed by whatever killed the vampire, and brought back by an animator working for Nikolaos named Zachary. Anita's sure she's seen Zachary before but doesn't know where. Zachary tries to coax the zombie witness into speaking, but he presses too hard and the zombie's mind breaks. Nickolaos, incensed, orders them to leave. Out of nowhere, Jean-Claude challenges Nickolaos, and Zachary and Anita flee before they get caught in the crossfire. As they're leaving, Anita has a sudden image of Jean-Claude's eyes glowing blue. Anita's eyes suddenly flare blue as well, according to Zachary. She redoubles her efforts to get away, suddenly certain that if Nikolaos saw her now, she would kill her. Upstairs in the Circus she meets Valentine, a vampire she thought she ...


The Suffering Of May In The "Book Of Ruth" By Jane Hamilton

909 words - 4 pages One of the major themes in the Book of Ruth by Jane Hamilton is that throughout our lives we all suffer, but its how we deal with the suffering that determines the quality of our lives. Many individuals suffer their entire lives and never come to grips with it until it is too late. While others suffer and deal with that suffering, leading to much more happier lives May is a character in the Book of Ruth that has dealt with a lot of suffering. It

"1984" By George Orwell - The Following Talks About How Orwell Wrote His Book To Show Us The Evils Of Totalitarianism

3359 words - 14 pages patriotism and deception, he began his totalitarian-like rule on us. By slowly destroying our rights, by tearing down our privacy, and by telling lies, he did things that we would have never wanted, such as war. And we still stood by him. In the book 1984, Orwell warns of the evils of totalitarian governments and the control that such a government future societies could have.Orwell's life clearly made an impact in 1984. He was born as Eric Author

This Is The Book Report Of, "Of Mice And Men." By John Steinbeck. Also Includes My Opinion Of The Book

1586 words - 7 pages he tried to conceal in his pocket. George told him to throw away the mouse and get more wood for the fire. Lennie hesitated, then finally threw the mouse and left for more wood.As night began to fall, George heated two cans of beans by the red glowing fire. As the cans sat by the fire, George and Lennie began to talk about how they would live and work in the future, without a care in the world. When the beans were finally heated, they ate hungrily

A Incite Into The Pressures Of Life As A Teenager. As Compared To The Simplistic Existance Of A Fly

971 words - 4 pages I watch the fly, performing aerial acrobatics, flying carelessly, looping and turning in the air. Then SPLAT! The tiny insect ceases to exist, slaughtered by the tight grasp of my hands clamped together in feelings of hatred. I envy the life of that fly. So simple, so carefree. No emotions, no expectations, no rules.That fly did not have to encounter numerous hurdles in her life, she was born as a maggot, evolved into a fly, and then in a brief

How 'Roseanne', the tv show relates to the sociological aspect of women and work. I had to write this for an extra credit paper, it's not great, but it gets the point across

524 words - 3 pages Ever since I started college in the fall, I haven't really been able towatch as much television that I would like to. I have been able too catchsnippets here and there, but nothing really "in depth". One show that I usedto watch was Roseanne. Some of the things that seem natural to thecharacters on the show reflect what we have been studying all semester inthis class.Roseanne, a wife and a mother of three, is a stubborn, loud, andobnoxious

Wordsworth Said He Had Been 'Fostered Alike By Beauty And By Fear.' Using 3 Episodes From 'The Prelude' Book 1 Show What He Meant By This?

1249 words - 5 pages Free language Wordsworth includes such as 'frost', 'the breath of frosty wind' and 'snapped' reflect how he feels now. Things aren't as happy and pleasant as they were in his 'much favoured' birthplace Cockermouth. There is a sudden change of mood as he describes the freedom of the woodcocks, Wordsworth illustrates his love for solitude 'to range the open heights' and adds an excited tone 'twas my joy' whilst catching them.But the use of 'night' is a

Does the TV show '16 and pregnant' promote teen pregnancy? - luzerne county community college and sociology - research paper

768 words - 4 pages National Bureau of Economic Research claims that 16 and pregnant led to 5.7 percent cut in teen births in the 18 months after its premiere on tv. On the show during a commercial there is a website stayteen.org that is promoted by MTV. On the website there are facts, statistics, and stories which give advice to teens to appreciate their independence as teens and keep away from the burdens and pressure that come with being a young mother. It also provides

Franz Fanon's Work As Compared With Karl Marx, And Utopia. The Various Advantages And Disadantages Of Each Of The Societies

1241 words - 5 pages What if we all Worked Together?The struggles that continue to arise in society are due to the increasing difference between the poorest and richest members of societies. The works written by Fanon as well as Engels and Marx, in addition to "Utopia" by Thomas More, clearly demonstrate the advantages of a society which don't suffer from this disparity. All authors argue that when all a society's members have role's and work together; a more

The American Hunger: An Analysis Of "Hunger" As Used By Richard Wright In His Book, Black Boy

1570 words - 7 pages an association of his hunger for food and his hatred for his father. As it was rather intently pointed out to him by his mother, his father was the one that brought home the food. Richard extrapolated from this to make the realization that because his father left him, he would not get to eat. Richard states: “As the days slid past the image of my father became associated with my pangs of hunger, and whenever I felt hunger I thought of him

little earthquakes, book synopsis of the character using Erikson developmental stage of life - NCTC, Developmental Psychology - Erikson developmental stage of life

1010 words - 5 pages herself in a yoga class with Kelly, whom she thinks looks like a Barbie clone and Ayinde, a model type and former newscaster. After these three become friends, they are together in a coffee shop when Becky recognizes Lia as the woman who's been watching her, and they eventually befriend her. Becky is a warm-hearted woman who manages to find the humorous side of almost any situation. She is mad about her husband, who loves her, but he is such a

The Environmental Hazards Of Technology Includes Bibliography

1471 words - 6 pages with real tea bags. Life was simpler and our trashcans were not over-flowing weekly. Yes, there was pollution then, but not the levels of today. From an ecological standpoint, much research needs to continue as ecological studies are still in their infancy. The biodiversity of our environment is nature's insurance policy; it ensures the environment's ability to adapt to changes caused by anything from volcanic activity to human disruption of the

The Catholic Mass Compared To The Baptist Service

1979 words - 8 pages that is with GOD. I tell people that I respect their beliefs and would never judge them. It is not my place to judge anyone on anything. I leave that responsiblity in the hands of GOD.We have no right to say one religion does it better or knows' more than another.The catholic faith teaches that there are 7 sacraments that you have to receive to get into heaven. They are as I try to remember all of them, and I'll try to tell them in order as

English, Frontline- Telling The Truth Question: Our Access To The Truth Is Impeded By The Powerful. Show How Your Study Of The Text And Additional Material Demonstrates This Assertion

1080 words - 5 pages grabs the sweet off her bottom. Promptly, after this incident Homer is mobbed by the media, labelling him as a sexual predator. Since many current affair programs, show images of Homer, accompanied by "scary" music, many of the citizens of Springfield, now also believe his guilty of the crime, that is sexual assault.The viewers of these programs, are not adequate to make a decision concerning his innocence or guilt, but do deem the story the media

The Unlocked Information on Hamilton - History - Essay

922 words - 4 pages Free Hamilton is an effective way to learn history because the songs are both catchy and carry truth. Songs like, “Alexander Hamilton,” “You’ll Be Back,” and “My Shot” tell the story of young Alexander Hamilton and the causes for the revolution, such as the taxes imposed by the British. Musicals can be a good way for a person to follow the storyline as they watch the actors perform. Also, the music and dancing are entertaining as the people react history

Darkness And Light In Heat Of Darkness Compare Kurtz's African Woman To "His Intended" And Show How This Contrast Highlights The Central Theme Of The Novel: Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad

979 words - 4 pages Free expected perception. However, as Marlow begins to have glimpses at the truth of human nature, his associations reverse. He associates darkness with the civilised brutality of imperialist Europe, and light with the savage reality of native Africa. The theme of darkness and light is developed throughout the novella, revealed by the disparity between Europe and Africa, portrayed more specifically between the two secondary symbols: the European woman