Hannah Green Never Promised You A Rose Garden

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Book report I never promised you a rose garden (Hannah Green)Explanation of the title:It's a quote of the therapist of Deborah's therapist Dr Fried. It's when she tells Deborah that life won't be always wonderful and splendid. But that she has to fight to be able to make a objective choice between the real world and her own imaginary world.Brief summary:The book is about a Jewish girl: Deborah. Her grandfather wants to infiltrate in the higher social classes by her, she has to compensate the lack of ambition of her father. She feels she can't do it right for everyone. Together with the experiences of prejudices that were made by lots of people to Jews she gets a really negative self-image. She blames al the problems to a tumour that she had. It was successfully operated when she was 5 years old, but she thinks the tumour still attracts everything negative. To escape from the hard world she lives in she develops her own language, Yr. It keeps her on track, it's al she has.This negative self-image gets her to the point she tries to commit suicide, but she survives this attempt. Then her mother decides that Deborah should be treated in a mental hospital. She is put in the B-ward, which is a ward for the 'light'cases. She develops a great band with Dr Fried, which she visits every day for an hour. But after a while she commits another suicide attempt. Her parents are shocked, but Dr Fried thinks it's a good sing that she gets back her emotional feelings. She is placed in the D(isturbed) ward by then. She gets a better grip on herself here. When she has improved herself enough she even can go live on her own, under supervision, but out of the mental hospital.She makes a good start, she passes her exams and gets her life on track, but then ...


Joy Luck Club Hsú Family Analysis - Monty Tech Honors English - Essay

1230 words - 5 pages be more like an american family, An-mei took her family to the beach. Rose watching over the children allows four year old Bing to walk out to the reef to go see his father. Distracted by An-mei sending Rose to break up a sibling fight. Rose turns to check on bing, only to watch as Bing falls into the ocean. Rose’s sisters catch a glimpse and warn to get help, but after hours of searching Bing’s body never is found. An-mei spent much time praying

Marigolds One Paragraph Literary Analysis - English - Essay

3764 words - 16 pages Free around the corner,” for those were white folks’ words, which we never believed. Nor did we wait for hard work and thrift to pay off in shining success, as the American Dream promised, for we knew better than that, too. Perhaps we waited for a miracle, amorphous in concept but necessary if one were to have the grit to rise before dawn each day and labor in the white man’s vineyard until after dark, or to wander about in the September dust offering

“It Happened One Night” Assignment - Movies 20 centry - Essay

677 words - 3 pages In movies, "bad guys" usually fall into the state of "double pursuit". If a killer or policeman wants to commit suicide behind him, he must not only avoid these pursuits, but also muster up courage to pursue the person who has plunged himself into disaster, otherwise he will never get rid of crime. In “the 39 steps”, Hannay's female spy was taken home from the concert hall, murdered and targeted by the murderer himself, while he was pursued by

Voltaire Candide Essay

1077 words - 5 pages Free Seung (Peter) Baek His 1C: Dis 1FApr 15 2014History 1C:First PaperThe Unidentified GardenHow do you interpret the last line of Candide, "Let us cultivate our garden?Seung (Peter) In Baek: 804117200Fueled by the Enlightenment, the Eighteenth Century opened a new chapter for the "West to rule" (Russel, April 7th). All across Europe, revolutionary and radical philosophers advanced humanity into reason and away from old tradition. The enlightenment

The Uglies Writing Assignment and Review - English I - Essay

447 words - 2 pages that may alter the world she lives in forever. This world was created three hundred years after the oil plague that destroyed modern day civilizations. It is a utopia where everything is green, free, high-tech, peaceful, and happy. But is everyone happy? In a world of extreme beauty, anyone normal is ugly. When you turn sixteen, you go through a surgical operation to become a beautiful Pretty whose main goal is to live a life of luxury in New

Banjo Patterson vs. Henry Lawson - English, Poetry, High School, Year nine - Research Paper

607 words - 3 pages , as I said before, in town Drinking beer and lemon- squashes, taking baths and cooling down.” Banjo responds to this by saying “For you say you'll stay in townships till the bush is civilised. Would you make it a tea-garden and on sundays have a band, Where the “blokes” might take their “donahs”, with a “public” close at hand? You had better stick to Sydney and make merry with the “push”, For the bush will never suit you, and you’ll never suit the bush.” I think this is a perfect response as it completely shows Lawson the cold hard truth, he cannot change the bush and he will never suit the bush.

A Creative Writing Piece About The Arizona Desert And How It Contrasts From Day To Night

527 words - 3 pages Free any green garden or flourishing forest.As the sun sets the last rays of light scorch the desert, and the last beams of sunlight perforate through the horizon. the incredible landscape changes, as if the desert were a nocturnal mammal. The blue sky exists no longer, the sun is no more, but in its place is vast blackness; emptiness. Not a calming emptiness, but a desolate sky that is deep, that leaves you lost ceaselessly with no way out, that holds

FAHRENHEIT 451: The temperature at which book-paper catches fire and burns

2382 words - 10 pages never see them slowly," she said. "If you showed a driver a green blur, Oh yes! he'd say, that's grass! A pink blur? That's a rose-garden! White blurs are houses. Brown blurs are cows. My uncle drove slowly on a highway once. He drove forty miles an hour and they jailed him for two days. Isn't that funny, and sad, too?" "You think too many things," said Montag, uneasily. "I rarely watch the 'parlour walls' or go to races or Fun Parks. So I've lots

A Wilting Rose: An essay on Fences - MDC - Essay

1646 words - 7 pages fail to speak about is the ones who stay. What about the fathers that stay to raise their children and the husbands who stay but make mistakes? Troy stayed with his wife. He never planned to leave her, but he ruined his wife with the admission that he was having a child with another woman. We watch in Wilson’s play as Rose-the heart and soul of her house, is torn into shreds at the admittance of infidelity and being slapped in the face right

Social Media: Detrimental or Beneficial to Our Lives? - World Literature - Essay

1005 words - 5 pages memory of what happened the previous day. All of this shows how social media can cause mental harm. Secondly, social media can influence people to cause harm to ourselves. According to The Guardian, Dave Smith brought to their attention the account of his daughter’s interaction with social media. His daughter, Hannah Smith, age 14 was being cyberbullied on a local question-and-answer website. Not long after being cyberbullied, it was announced

The Chrysanthemums - Elisa's Garden

596 words - 3 pages Free . Elisa spends the majority of her day working within the fence that surrounds her garden. It is this gate that Henry never enters into because he sees this as Elisa's place of peace. What Henry never realizes is that Elisa really wants his companionship. She wants him to come and spend time with her in the garden. She wishes to know what it's like to have a husband that shows interest in his wives hobbies. Elisa and Henry's relationship with one

Broken Promises A Short Drama Between A Married Couple Problems Resulting From Too Many Broken Promises

997 words - 4 pages , her make up and hair are always perfect. If you didn't know that Cynthia came from a household who earns less $25,000 per year, you would certainly never be able to tell. Even dressed in a simple pair of jeans and tennis shoes it obvious by her stature that she commands respect. Actually, Cynthia comes from a family that was well off, not rich but they never went without. Cynthia's father had even offered to give Pete a nice dowry but Pete refused

Language/Tone Paper The Chrysanthemums - Austin Community College - Essay

1230 words - 5 pages Free the feelings, and sensations of life. As Elisa and the tinker talk further, he begins to take note of her chrysanthemums and as a result Elisa brightens up. Elisa has never let anyone into this world of hers before from what the reader knows; however, Elisa is thrilled that someone should take interest in her joy like that. With that being said she lets the tinker into her garden. This act symbolizes the idea of Elisa finally trusting somebody

Destination unknown "punk is not dead" personal essay

574 words - 3 pages even poetry that can show them how or a different way to live, and think for themselves; not just follow the path of everyone else. To look like everyone else, to be, think, feel, see, act, and understand society, and how it works like everyone else. I will never conform. No one can make me be like you. Music, and every other form of art, self expression, rioting and fighting for what you feel, is the rawest form of life I love to live. I have no

story about guysthe has several wishes - english - story

2157 words - 9 pages , with eyes as blue-green as the canal, hair as dusky as the bushes, and skin as white as the feathers of swans. "Are you the wife that I wished for?" asked Mr. Peters. "Yes I am," she replied. "My name is Leita." She stepped into the car beside him and they drove off to the church on the outskirts of the forest, where they were married. Then he took her to his house in a remote and lovely valley and showed her all his treasures-the bees in their