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Hannah Green Never Promised You A Rose Garden

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Book report I never promised you a rose garden (Hannah Green)Explanation of the title:It's a quote of the therapist of Deborah's therapist Dr Fried. It's when she tells Deborah that life won't be always wonderful and splendid. But that she has to fight to be able to make a objective choice between the real world and her own imaginary world.Brief summary:The book is about a Jewish girl: Deborah. Her grandfather wants to infiltrate in the higher social classes by her, she has to compensate the lack of ambition of her father. She feels she can't do it right for everyone. Together with the experiences of prejudices that were made by lots of people to Jews she gets a really negative self-image. She blames al the problems to a tumour that she had. It was successfully operated when she was 5 years old, but she thinks the tumour still attracts everything negative. To escape from ...view middle of the document...

She is placed in the D(isturbed) ward by then. She gets a better grip on herself here. When she has improved herself enough she even can go live on her own, under supervision, but out of the mental hospital.She makes a good start, she passes her exams and gets her life on track, but then she falls back. She is placed back into the D-ward and under treatment by Dr Fried. Dr Fried says she has to choose between Yr and the reality. Deborah decides that she's strong enough to face the real world and banns Yr.Remarks:I think one of the things that is very impressive about the book that it has a great link with the author's live. Hannah Greene is the pseudonym Joanne Greenberg uses to write, but the character that she describes (Deborah) has many things common with her. In fact "I never promised you a rose garden" seems to be autobiographical. Joanne Greenberg has also been in a mental hospital. She was under treatment by Dr Frieda Fromm Reichwann, you don't have to think hard to get a link to Dr Carla Fried...My opinion:I've read the book before, when I was a little younger. I believe it was in the third or fourth class. When I look back now I didn't really see what the book al is about. I thought it was hard to read but the story appealed to me. When we were talking at the dinner table the subject was the books I could read for my oral exam. I asked which books my brother used and after the meal we went searching in his old school stuff. We found this list and he told me he liked this book. I knew I read the book before, but I couldn't recall much of it. Still knew I liked it strangely enough! So I started again, and I still like the book.I liked the subject. I think every young kid sometimes doubts himself. I didn't have all that much trouble excepting myself, but still it was interesting. It's fascinating how people cab struggle with themselves and the people around them. Most of the books about this subject are written by outsiders, but this story was first handed! I think it's very brave to write about something so personal.

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