Hard Thing Rule Parents Making Their Kids Do Activities Which Requires Practice To Be Successful. Composition 1 Essay

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Lauren Partney
Professor Wavering
Argument Short Essay
9 November 2018
The “Hard-Thing Rule”
Every parent should teach their kids the “Hard-Thing Rule.” The “Hard-Thing
Rule” is parents making their kids do challenging activities which requires practice to be
successful. They cannot quit or give up. They must always work hard even if they hate it.
Teaching kids grit can strengthen character and help them achieve goals.
One way a child can have more grit, is by putting children in something that
challenges them. For example, I was a successful high school basketball player due to my
grittiness. My coach made us practice 7 days a week and made us run until we could not
run anymore. I did not enjoy running until my knees were weak and feeling breathless,
but I still went to every practice to become successful during the games. Also, when kids
learn to have grit, they are more likely to succeed at life, therefore it is best to teach them
at a young age. Angelina Duckworth stated, “They're optimistic about the future and their
ability to improve and affect change.​” ​Teaching them the “Hard-Thing Rule” will help
them in the future because they will have already developed their grit skills. Having grit
will help children achieve their long-term goals. Making them choose an activity more
challenging will help them find what they are passionate about.
The second way a child can develop grit is by having a growth mindset. Having a
growth mindset will help children when they fail. Such as, there have been many times
where I have lost games, but I did not view it as failure, I look at it as a way to improve
and become better. People will see failure as a normal part of life when they have a
growth mindset. We will develop a growth mindset when our hard-thing starts to get

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