Has Technology Made Us More Alone - English - Research Paper

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Andrea Bernal Bernal 4
ENC 1101 ,Section 6
Professor Shahandeh
September 04, 2018
Essay#1 (draft 1)
The move (Essay Prompt #2)
It all began in 2011 when my mother told my brother and I that’d we’d be moving away
from Miami Dade , and had to enroll at a new school in Pembroke Pines. I was eleven years old
at the time and the thought of moving away from all my friends and everything i’ve known
scared me.​ ​I had to ​a​dapt to new learning methods, become more social to make new friends​,
and find stability in family relationships. Little by little I began to shed those fears and realized
the switch was better for me in the long run. I’ve gone through many challenges in my life and
there has been one that’s stuck out to me the most, Not being scared of change, and that
change can be help you grow and become a better person.
Let me give you a little background to the school i used to go to. I was enrolled in a
montessori charter school, meaning I was in the same school from pre-k all the way till 8th
grade where the teaching was based on ​natural interests and activities on more of a one-on-one
basis rather than use formal teaching methods​. I went from having one class all day with the
same kids from three different grade levels, to having six different classes with kids in my same
grade level. My first day at my new school opened my eyes to a different form of teaching. I felt
more on my own, I was accustomed to a teacher that had the ability to be more hands on. Now i
had to learn from a teacher that wasn’t just focusing on me, she was focusing on teaching all
the other twenty-five kids she had in her classroom. I learned to become more independent and
self reliant, I found myself learning new ways to teach myself that better fit my way of learning . I
also became accustomed to the constant movement and variety of people i come in contact with
and it has helped me become more sociable.
Imagine having the same friends since pre-k and having to leave them for a group of
people you barely know. Scary isn’t it ? I’ve had the same friends all of my life, my old routine
consisted of hanging out with them ev...

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